Ghost Trick Phantom Detective may be making a comeback

Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective has been reviewed in South Korea, indicating that a remaster is on the way. Although he is probably best known for his work on the ace lawyer series, most recent last year The chronicles of the great ace lawyerCapcom’s Shu Takumi has released another beloved Nintendo DS cult classic named Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective in 2010, it looks like he might be making a comeback.

Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective was first released in Japan in June 2010 before coming to North America and Europe in January 2011. The game is a puzzle-based adventure game that, as mentioned earlier, was written, designed and realized by ace lawyer creator Shu Takumi after leaving the main series after 2007 Apollo Justice: Ace Lawyer. The game follows a recently deceased man named Sisel as he attempts to investigate his own death as a ghost.


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Whereas Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective was praised upon release for its gripping narrative and memorable puzzles that made great use of Nintendo DS hardware, the game was not a commercial success, much like later ace lawyer games, and didn’t receive a sequel or anything outside of an iOS port in 2012. Now it looks like Capcom is gearing up for ghost stuffis back, as Gematsu has spotted a list of Korean leaderboards for the game that points to an upcoming cross-platform re-release.

While last year The chronicles of the great ace lawyer was not a great success, sales of the game and of 2019 Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy might have convinced Capcom that the return of its beloved Nintendo DS catalog, especially Shu Takumi, has surprising financial results. This raises the question of how the developer will adapt ghost stuffthe use of Nintendo DS hardware on modern platforms, as the game makes great use of the hardware’s dual-screen and touchscreen features. Perhaps this port will only reach PC and Nintendo Switch, or it could even be a complete remake of the DS classic, reinterpreted for modern hardware.

In both cases, ghost stuffThe impending return of is certainly something that deserves to excite fans of Capcom’s adventure games, or even just fans of the genre in general. This reveal is just another example of Capcom diving into its back catalog and reviving a property or title that fans already know very well, like how it did for The Big Ace Lawyer, Ghosts and Goblins, mega manand Onimusha during the last years.

Ghost Trick: Ghost Detective is now available on Nintendo DS and iOS.

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