GigaBash adds Godzilla DLC

Multiplayer fighter gigabash gave fans a preview of its new playable fighter, Godzilla, and revealed the release date for the upcoming DLC. In gigabash, players face off in one-on-one arena battles as gigantic monsters known as Kaiju. Although the fighters are modeled after existing Kaiju characters, so far they have all been original creations. But that seems to be changing.

gigabash is the first project from Malaysian developer Passion Republic Games. The small indie studio released the game earlier this year to generally positive reviews, with most agreeing that it delivered on its promise: wild co-op fun that’s easy to pick up and play with friends. Currently, gigabash features 10 playable Kaiju, ranging from a retired superhero named Gigaman to a monster that appears to be a sentient building, named Kongkrete. In September, the developers released a brief collaboration teaser, revealing Godzilla’s addition to the roster, but didn’t provide a look at the character or any other information.


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Now, Passion Republic Games has released a more substantial trailer, giving fans a quick look at Godzilla and revealed the DLC release date: December 9, 2022. The video opens with a panning shot of a crumbling cityscape , in keeping with the game’s environmental design, as all combat takes place amidst destructible buildings. Eventually, the scene fades to black, and after a moment, Godzilla’s silhouette passes over the screen. The monster’s back scales charge up, a sure sign of its next signature attack, the Atomic Blast Beam. The shot fades to black once more when the audience hears the Kaiju’s distinctive scream, a feature that has persisted since the classic. Godzilla movies.

YouTube’s comments on the video offered nothing but enthusiasm and support for both the new fighter and the indie studio in general. Many viewers expressed surprise that the King of All Kaiju was the first new character to be added to the game, especially since the developer is such a small company and the game has not been widely adopted. The first teaser from a few months ago mentioned a collaboration whose exact nature is unknown. The Japanese company Toho Co. owns the Godzilla franchise since its inception, but the level of their involvement here is unclear.

A game like gigabash, for its ease of play, fits perfectly into the niche of board games. It’s something that almost any player, regardless of experience, can handle. So it makes perfect sense to include Godzilla, a character who, like the game, can appeal to a wide range of people. A person does not need to know the forgotten history of the Godzilla franchise to have a familiarity with the classic monster.

Simpler experiments like gigabash are refreshing in a gamescape that can get bogged down in skill trees and level up. And with the name power that Godzilla brings, hopefully more gamers will be exposed to the ridiculous fun that this game offers.

gigabash is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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