Grizzly Bear Crashes Wedding By Violently Killing Baby Moose

“You’re the only one I’ve loved, love now, and swear to love, in my past, present and future,” a groom says to his bride like the bellows of a dying baby moose and a murderer. the echo of the grizzly across the lake. This demonstration that nature stops for no one was captured by wedding videographer Stanton Giles earlier this year in Glacier National Park.

The fateful ceremony took place on August 18 on the shore of Two Medicine Lake. The National Park Service estimates that nearly 1,000 grizzly bears and black bears reside in the park. However, the park reportedly only has two non-fatal incidents of bears with humans per year, with 10 fatalities since 1967.

“It definitely gives new meaning to the marriage phrase ‘testify,'” Giles said in the video below. “Since becoming a videographer, I’ve seen some pretty crazy things and been to some really cool places. But none of that is as crazy as when I saw a grizzly bear kill a moose at a wedding. Don’t forget that Giles once photographed a wedding near the boiling lava of an Icelandic volcano.

According to Giles, the unfortunate moose had probably been chased for some time, as he had been spotted with his mother 10 minutes before. In another video, the mother moose can be seen swimming away from the macabre scene of the grizzly bear.

“The grizzly chased the moose off the mountain and came down to the shore of the lake while the groom read his vows,” Giles explained. “Why didn’t I film it on camera, you ask? Because I’m a good wedding videographer and I was filming the groom!

“Torn between being a National Geographic filmmaker and a wedding videographer, I held my camera to the groom until he finished his vows, to which I quickly said: there’s a grizzly bear killing an original.”

As the stunned wedding party watches the two animals struggle violently, Giles can be seen getting the best camera angle of the carnage as a guest exclaims “yeah, take that!”

“That’s why we didn’t go to the North Rim, ladies and gentlemen,” Giles was heard saying.

Fortunately, the marriage was not ruined in the eyes of the groom at least. In a comment, David Atchison said: “It was such a crazy and amazing experience that even now we are in awe. We chose to escape into the heart of nature at Glacier and knew what we were getting into. Always respect nature and wildlife. We are grateful that everyone is safe, and Stanton was able to capture this or no one would ever believe us!

“Maybe 20 minutes later we saw a lone hiker walking on a trail just 75-100 meters above the felling site!”

Hey, at least the bear wasn’t on cocaine.

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