GTA RP Streamer Shotz threatens Penta with legal action

Shotz, the popular Grand Theft Auto RP server streamer, is threatening to take legal action against fellow GTA streamer Penta.

Grand Theft Auto Streamer RP Shotz is threatening to take legal action against fellow streamer Penta for copyright infringement. For those who don’t know, the GTA RP servers are role playing servers for popular video game, Auto grand theft 5. This means players can create characters and interact with other players in the game world more realistically. For example, players can choose to be police, criminals, or civilians, and they can interact with each other in different ways. GTA RP servers usually have a number of rules and guidelines for players to follow, and players are often grouped into factions or gangs.


Shotz and Penta are two of the most popular Grand Theft Auto RP streamers due to their high octane gameplay and willingness to take risks. This has led to some spectacular moments being captured on stream, and both streamers are also known for their outgoing personalities and willingness to interact with viewers. This has made them respected and valued streamers around the world. GTA RP community while having a large supporting fanbase that only seems to get bigger over time.

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GTA RP servers have been one of the key factors in keeping GTA 5 relevant even if the game is more than 7 years old; however, when big streamers join the same communities, it can sometimes lead to major controversies. In a recent controversy, streamer Shotz threatened to take legal action against fellow streamer Penta for using his voice for sub-alert notifications on Twitch. In a stream on Dec. 29, Shotz discussed the issue and said if he got any evidence that Penta is using his voice for sub-alert notifications, he would take it to his attorney and deal with the case accordingly. .

Penta was quick to respond to Shotz’s allegations, saying that Shotz was already aware that his voice was being used in the alert and that they had even discussed the matter before. It’s still unclear if Shotz will take legal action against Penta as the two streamers know each other and have even interacted with each other on GTA RP servers. Penta’s claim also seems believable as he said his Twitch voice notification was 3 years old. Penta is a streamer who turned down a $5 million offer from Facebook, so it’s safe to say he can afford to buy or create a unique Twitch sub-notification sound.

In March 2022, xQc, who is one of the most watched Twitch streamers, spoke out against GTA RP servers. He pointed out that some players take unfair advantage of the freedom given to them in the game, which can eventually lead to controversy. Now, to ensure that all players have a fair and fun experience when role-playing in GTA 5Rockstar Games has also updated its policies for RP servers.

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