Halo Infinite Player builds Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza in Forge for Christmas

Yippee Ki-Yay Master Chefs!

The month of Christmas is upon us again, even though the day itself has passed. A moment of joy, laughter, overeating, parental annoyance and the unstoppable deluge of formula-based Christmas movies. However, there is one Christmas movie that stands out among these mass-produced movies; one that’s so good on its own that some people don’t even consider it a Christmas movie. It breaks the formula with its unforgettable sequences, memorable characters and iconic location. You know the one – Die Hard.

Speaking of iconic location, Nakatomi Plaza is considered a place of pilgrimage for fans of the movie, and it made its way to Halo Infinite thanks to its Forge mode. Creator Bearly Legal went to great lengths to make Faux Plaza look like the building in the movie (thanks PCGamesN). You’ll come across familiar places like the rock fountain, the meeting rooms, the stairwell, the area where the hostages were held, and even the Nakatomi Plaza logo.


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While the trailer shows you’ll be able to access elevator shafts, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to crawl through vents like John McClane, or send enemies flying out the window like Hans Gruber. Fortunately, everyone will be wearing Mjolnir armor, so you won’t have to worry about shards of glass everywhere.

With Halo Infinite’s Forge mode up and running, players have created tons of amazing maps – and as is standard with this mode, Spartans can battle it out in iconic video game locations. Hopefully, this mode will be enough to boost the game’s player count, which has dwindled due to the fast-paced rollout of content for multiplayer.

Speaking of new content, last year we announced that Microsoft had filed a patent for Halo: The Endless. While details are scarce, Halo Infinite’s ending teased an impending threat that would be “worse than the Flood.” While not much has happened on that front, it appears the patent has now been challenged by Paris-based indie studio Amplitude Studios. The studio believes the patent infringes on its properties, which include Endless Dungeon, Endless Space, Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, and Endless Space 2.

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