Here’s What Would Happen If God of War’s Kratos Entered the Super Mario Universe

An incredibly funny video shows what would happen if Kratos from the God of War franchise were in the game world of Super Mario.

Hilarious video shows what would happen if God of War Ragnarok‘s Kratos entered the world of Super Mario Bros.. Kratos is one of the most famous video game characters of all time, first appearing in the original God of the war in 2005 and several sequels thereafter. Kratos’ last appearance was in God of War Ragnarokwhere he is accompanied by his son Atreus as the duo venture deeper into the nine realms of Norse mythology.

God of the war is undoubtedly one of the most popular game franchises of all time, but others may surpass it in terms of global recognition. Super Mario is such a franchise that gives God of the war a race for his money. The two franchises are totally different, but one fan imagined what combination of God of the war and Super Mario would look like.


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YouTuber Tushar Kd made a video that shows Kratos wreaking havoc on the world of Super Mario Bros.. The video begins with Mario in the game’s first world when the God of War Ragnarok protagonist appears from the sky. Kratos immediately makes his presence known by swinging the Leviathan ax to freeze a few blocks. He moves forward and encounters a Hammer Brother, an enemy that throws an infinite number of hammers, which Kratos successfully blocks using his shield. After that, the God of War Ragnarok The character destroys the Hammer Brother by throwing the Leviathan ax at it.

Kratos also uses Blades of Chaos from God of the war to reach high places and kill more enemies. Meanwhile, Mario hits a block that drops a bow, essentially giving him Atreus’ duty to shoot his enemies with arrows. The video shows Kratos and Mario going side by side and slaying enemies at will. Soon they both come face to face with Daudi Kaupmadr, the first boss players face in God of the war 2018, which they easily beat. At one point, Kratos shoots a crow of Odin from God of War Ragnarok by throwing the ax Leviathan at him.

One of the most interesting elements of the video was the recreation of an iconic moment from God of the war when Atreus and Kratos are hunting a deer. Atreus shoots an arrow at the deer without Kratos’ permission, causing the latter to scold the former for his negligence. The video shows Mario shooting a dragon, triggering the game’s famous dialogue, where he tells Atreus to only shoot when told.

God of War Ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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