Herschel Walker’s tearful accuser says Georgia Republican paid for abortion and called himself ‘your stud’

The woman who accused Herschel Walker of accompanying her when she had an abortion called the Republican Senate candidate from Georgia to meet her after the audio of their phone calls played.

The woman, who went simply by name Jane Doe, held a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred. The press conference began with the audio playing of the moment the two spoke on the phone after they reportedly enjoyed a years-long relationship even though then-NFL player Mr Walker was married.

They first played a voice message sent by Mr Walker when he was at the 1992 Olympics.

“It’s your stud calling you big sex pup,” he said in the voicemail.

Mr Walker is currently running against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in Georgia in a runoff after no candidate won a majority of votes in the general election earlier this month.

Ms. Allred invited Mr. Walker to meet her client anywhere in Georgia ahead of the Dec. 6 election.

“Feel free to bring any evidence you have that contradicts our evidence,” she said. “If you do not agree to accept our challenge and meet with our client in person in Georgia, by December 6, 2022, we believe it is fair for the voters of Georgia to conclude that Jane Doe is telling the truth and that you are not being transparent and honest with Georgian voters.

Mr Walker has said in the past that he opposes abortion in all cases, including cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger.

At times, Ms. Doe cried as she read a letter Mr. Walker sent to her parents.

“I love your daughter and I don’t want to hurt her,” she read in the letter. “She has been a strong backbone for me through it all. She didn’t do anything wrong. If you think what I’m doing is wrong. I will back down until I get out of this mess.

Ms Doe also shared a photo of the two of them in 2019 which she previously shared with hello america. The woman is the second to allege Mr Walker helped her get an abortion after The Daily Beast reported that Mr Walker paid for another woman’s abortion.

“I intended to take this to my grave,” she said. But when Mr Walker said on Fox News that he had never asked anyone to have an abortion, she changed her mind. “And I knew he was lying based on my own experience.”

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