Hilarious Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Moira Player Ignoring Reinhardt Who Needs Healing

A Monitor 2 clip that is excruciating for high-level players to watch shows a Reinhardt player in desperate need of healing asking for help from nearby Moira, who is relentlessly pursuing an enemy Lucio instead. This is just one of many similar incidents seen in Monitor 2 support heroes focusing on taking down enemies instead of providing much-needed healing to their teammates.

While moments like this are far from uncommon, especially in unranked game modes, it’s often Moira players who ignore their teammates in order to secure kills for themselves. So much so, in fact, that Moira herself has become a meme within the Monitor 2 community since the game released earlier this month entirely for this reason. While this glitch isn’t new to the game, it’s seen a lot in the original. Surveillancethe game’s shift to a 5v5 format and a limit of only 1 tank per team underscores the importance of healing.


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The video was posted to Reddit by user thatoneguyyouknowhim and shows the player as Reinhardt on just 14 HP while challenging the objective point. The player desperately calls for healing from the nearby Moira as they chase an enemy Lucio across the map, hoping she will return to help. Unfortunately, as the Moira returns, she simply walks past the dying Reinhardt and continues on her merry way, while getting shot by an enemy Widowmaker. Moreover, the Moira fails to even kill the Lucio, who quickly deals the final blow to Reinhardt while fleeing from Moira.

As frustrating as situations like this can be for gamers, many fans can’t help but find the absurd clip funny. Due to the influx of new players to Monitor 2, after launching as a free game, it’s quite common to see new players using heroes inefficiently as they learn the intricacies of the game. While this can be understandably irritating to more experienced players, it’s important to remember that Monitor 2 can be particularly difficult to learn at first, and it would go a long way for veteran players to offer help to new fans whenever possible.

Even so, fans haven’t gone unnoticed that Moira seems to be much more used for damage than other support heroes, sparking a debate among some parts of the community over whether Moira’s damage output should be a little reduced. His main attack has a surprisingly long range and doesn’t require precise aiming, and that, together with his damage orb and ultimate ability, gives the hero damage on par with some DPS heroes. While no nerfs have been announced for Moira, some players want Blizzard to introduce changes that incentivize healing rather than damage.

Monitor 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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