Hilarious Video Shows Psyduck Surprising Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player While Taking a Shot

A hilarious video shows a Psyduck suddenly appearing and startling a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player while taking a shot.

A Pokemon scarlet and violet fan shared a funny video that shows a Psyduck appearing out of nowhere to scare a player who was taking a photo. Pokemon scarlet and violet are among the best-selling titles of the year, despite mixed reviews from fans and critics around the world. The latest gameplay and multiplayer mode Pokemon the games are receiving both praise and negative feedback for the myriad performance issues.

Due to these technical issues, Pokemon scarlet and violet get bombarded with criticism, but some fans embrace them. Glitches are common in the latest titles, and players have reported seeing some really weird things in their games. Some players have seen a grotesque glitch in Pokemon scarlet and violet, while a random Psyduck bug is also common. Psyduck is making headlines again after a player spotted it under rather unusual circumstances.


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Reddit user Metronn uploaded a video that shows their funny encounter with the duck Pokemon. The user intended to photograph a panoramic view of Pokemon scarlet and violetthe Paldea region. Paldea is a brand new area introduced in Pokemon scarlet and violet, which is based on the Iberian Peninsula and has various geographical features such as mountains, forests, and several lakes. In the video, the player attempts to take a photo of a serene spot by a body of water, with mountains in the background and peacefully flowing water.

After successfully capturing one side of the landscape, the player slowly pans the camera to show the surrounding areas and some fish pocket monsters in the body of water. As the camera moves, something unusual appears in the lower right corner of the screen, which appears to be another Pokemon. It turns out to be a Psyduck, which appears out of nowhere and is standing right next to the user, who was apparently unaware of its presence. The original poster is understandably surprised upon seeing the Psyduck, who apparently photobombed their efforts to take a nice shot in Pokemon scarlet and violet.

Since its introduction in Generation One, Psyduck has established itself as one of the most famous Pok√©mon of all time. He has appeared in almost every Pokemon game of each generation up to the current ninth generation games, Pokemon scarlet and violet. Psyduck isn’t the strongest or fastest pocket monster, but he still has millions of fans around the world who are thrilled to see him in unusual circumstances.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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