Horry Scale: Herro Ball closes out 2022 NBA schedule

Tyler Herro beats the buzzer with a running 3 to win it for Miami.

A refresher on The Horry Scale: It breaks down a winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) into categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time?), importance ( playoff game or garden-variety evening in November?) and party. Then we give it an overall rating on a scale of 1 to 5 Robert Horrys, named after the patron saint of prayers answered at the last second.

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Welp is one way to close the 2022 NBA schedule.

With the final NBA move of 2022, Tyler Herro beat the buzzer in Utah, saving the Heat from an unlikely meltdown and taking the souls of the Jazz in front of their home fans.

It was the 10th winning buzzer batsman of the season and a spectacular end to a year that ended with prolific league-wide performances.

GAME SITUATION: In a game that featured 14 ties and 20 lead changes, perhaps final possession was inevitable. And it was a free throw march that got us there. Down five with 19.7 seconds left after Bam Adebayo split the free throws, Jordan Clarkson was fouled shooting a 3. He nailed all three from the boards, moments after missing a pair that would have reduced Utah to two.

Victor Oladipo was fouled and parted ways for Miami, who managed to foul Lauri Markkanen as he attempted a tie 3 from the right wing. He then sank all three free throws, setting up the fateful, final possession with 6.3 seconds left.

DIFFICULTY: Herro took the boundary and nearly got stuck in the backcourt along the right sideline. A dribble behind the back cleared enough space to advance down the middle. With Clarkson on his hip, Herro jumped across midfield, straight into a runner just behind the line as Mike Conley slipped without committing enough to risk the foul. Markkanen also challenged while stepping back, leaving plenty of room for Herro’s clean exit. The shot hit home as the sign light signaled there would be no overtime.

PARTY: Herro started backing up watching the shot go down, always a good look just in case as it makes it seem like you knew and were just waiting for confirmation. His momentum carried him straight to the waiting Heat teammates. He jumped into the crowd as the fashionable hustles ping-ponged him.

GRADE: Run the length of the pitch, almost lose the ball, shoot on the move between three opponents and avoid extra time on New Year’s Eve? Tyler plays Herro. 4 Horries.

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