Incredible God of War Ragnarok clip shows player killing Berserker King Hrolf in 25 seconds

A highly skilled God of War Ragnarok player shares a short clip that shows him slaying the Berserker King Hrolf in just 25 seconds.

A talented God of War Ragnarok The player shares a video where he defeats the Berserker King Hrolf in just 25 seconds. God of War Ragnarok was released a few weeks ago to critical acclaim, making it one of the first to receive Game of the Year awards. Additionally, Santa Monica Studio’s action-adventure title is doing well commercially as God of War Ragnarok broke a serial sales record.

Gamers love it God of War Ragnarokof story, gameplay, visuals, and level design, but most of the praise comes for its hard-fought combat. The fight in the last God of the war The title is widely considered exceptional, mainly due to the new set of weapons and moves, which players can test against numerous enemies. God of War RagnarokBosses include big names like Thor and Odin and less famous names like Berserker King Hrolf. Although less popular, Hrolf is the strongest of the Berserkers and puts up a tough fight for Kratos. Amazingly, one player defeated Berserker King Hrolf in less than a minute.


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Reddit user NobleRez shared a video on the platform that shows off their jaw-dropping boss fight with Berserker King Hrolf. Viewers can see a small timer in the upper right corner of the screen, which goes off as soon as the God of War Ragnarok the fight begins. Hrolf lands a few hits initially, but the player quickly takes control and bombards the boss with a barrage of devastating attacks. Kratos is nearly unstoppable as he continuously punches Hrolf while only conceding a few hits that put a small dent in his HP. Meanwhile, Hrolf’s health bar quickly depletes with each attack, with Kratos severing his head with a finishing blow at precisely 25.3 seconds.

Additionally, the video shows the user achieving this amazing feat on No Mercy difficulty in God of War Ragnarok, the second from the top. NobleRez also shared the armor and other gear they used in the Berserker King Hrolf boss fight. God of the war fans enjoyed the video, and some pointed out the awkward moment of Mimir’s comment right before Kratos beheaded Hrolf. At the height of the battle, Kratos is about to finish off the opponent when Mimir tells him to be careful as he is covered in Bifrost.

Anyway, the clip of NobleRez is another example that shows the exceptional nature of God of War Ragnarokthis is the fight. The game dramatically improved combat over its predecessor by adding environmental benefits, allowing players to be more creative.

God of War Ragnarok is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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