Kari Lake files public record for Arizona election

  • Kari Lake has filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County, Arizona, for the election, per AP.
  • Lake, who ran for governor, pointed to several voting issues like those that disenfranchised voters.
  • Maricopa, the most populous county in the state, is expected to certify its election results on Monday.

Kari Lake, the Republican MAGA sidekick who was defeated in her bid to become governor of Arizona earlier this month, has filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County, demanding that they turn over various documents regarding alleged printer malfunctions on election day.

Lake’s attorney filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, saying the county has yet to release the documents requested on Nov. 15 and 16, according to The Associated Press.

The requests sought to find Maricopa voters who may have had difficulty voting in their precinct, including people who submitted an absentee ballot while registering at a polling place.

Lake is also looking for additional information about counted and uncounted ballots that may have been inadvertently mixed up during the election counting process. According to The Associated Press, Maricopa officials said there have been several such events this month, but the county said it happens in many elections and can be resolved.

Maricopa, Arizona’s most populous county, contains about 60% of the state’s population, and in 2020 and 2021 became the epicenter of former President Donald Trump’s debunked claims of voter fraud over his loss. close statewide against current President Joe Biden.

Lake, a former television journalist, trailed Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in the general election 50.3%-49.7%. With nearly 2.6 million ballots cast statewide, Hobbs beat Lake by just over 17,000 votes.

But Lake, who refused to acknowledge Biden’s 2020 victory in Arizona, has so far refused to concede to Hobbs.

The Republican candidate’s public records lawsuit seeks additional information about data indicating voting incidents as well as the number of voters who may have been affected by issues, and the lawsuit asks that the records be released before the county does. certifies the results on Monday.

“This delay (or its substantial equivalent) is, in the circumstances presented, necessary to ensure that vital public records are provided promptly and that apparent deficiencies can be corrected prior to the solicitation of the 2022 general election,” Lake’s complaint states. .

On Nov. 8, Lake sought to extend the vote in Maricopa due to several voting issues, but a state judge declined to do so, saying he had seen no verifiable evidence that a registered Arizonan had been prevented from voting that day.

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