Keystone Pipeline back in operation after oil spill in rural Kansas creek

Keystone pipeline oil spill under investigation

Keystone pipeline oil spill under investigation


A damaged section of the Keystone pipeline that spewed 14,000 barrels of oil in a Kansas stream has been repaired, Canadian pipeline operator TC Energy said Thursday.

“After completing repairs, inspections and testing, we performed a controlled restart of the Cushing Extension, safely returning the Keystone Pipeline to service today,” TC Energy said.

The company said the pipeline network, which stretches more than 2,600 miles from Canada to the United States, is “operational at all delivery points” and that it plans to introduce more “mitigation risks”, such as the reduction of operating pressures.

The company said it recovered nearly 7,700 barrels of oil and more than 17,000 barrels of oil and water on Thursday. The cause of the leak remains under investigation.

“We remain committed to our continued safety-focused response and will fully repair the incident site,” TC Energy wrote. “We will share findings from the investigation as they become available.”

This is not the first time the pipeline has been shut down. According to data from the United States Government Accountability Office, the Keystone Pipeline has had nearly two dozen accidents since its first commissioning in 2010.

However, most of the 22 accidents resulted in less than 50 barrels of oil leaking, compared to this latest spill, the pipeline’s largest to date.

Li Cohen contributed reporting.

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