KSI manager blasts ‘shady’ Dillon Danis over Misfits Boxing weight dispute

Posted: 2022-12-29T16:12:37

Update: 2022-12-29T16:12:51

Moms Taylor, The KSI manager and co-founder of Misfits Boxing, called Dillon Danis “sleazy” after the former MMA fighter claimed the late insertion of a clause was an effort by the British team for the ” handicap”.

Misfits Boxing is set to hold its fourth night of fights, Event 004, in January 2023.

Headlining the event will be KSI and Dillon Danis, with the British rapper set to take on the former MMA star in a boxing match of epic proportions.

Although the fight is fast approaching, it has been thrown into doubt by Danis’ recent claims that KSI teams tried to insert a controversial “rehydration clause” into the mix late on. It keeps Danis from putting on some weight in liquids between the weigh-in and the fight itself.

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Speaking to Chael Sonnen, Danis said: “I feel like this fight won’t happen… They’re trying to do some weird things in the contract now two weeks out. I have the impression that they are looking for a way out.

Now KSI manager Mams Taylor has responded, describing Danis’ tactics as “angry”.

Mams Taylor blasts “Shadow” Dillon Danis

In a series of tweetMams Taylor said the specific clause was present in the agreement from the start, despite Danis’ claims it was inserted late.

“1 – Danis signed a contract (binding short form) more than 2 months ago,” he said. “2 – The contracted weight was 177.5 pounds with a rehydration clause limit of 185 pounds. 3 – We tried 170 and he said it was too light so we went with 177.5 Neither Dillon nor his team objected to the rehydration clause so far.

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Taylor added that “if Dillon had a problem” he should have been brought up before. Had the issue been raised sooner, KSI might have looked for another opponent.

He finished: “Making it clear that we are shady and throwing this at the last minute is just wasted considering he was treated with nothing but respect and courtesy.”

As of this writing, the fight is set to take place on January 14th. However, both men appear to be accusing the other of trying to avoid the fight, which could yet change.

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