Larry Hogan hints at his political future and reflects on Trump’s dinner with a white nationalist

Outgoing Republican Governor of Maryland. larry hogan dropped big hints about his political future, even as he told a room of about 1,700 supporters and donors that there would be no big announcement on Wednesday night.

“I understand there has been speculation about my future,” he joked with the crowd in Hanover, Maryland, at an event to celebrate his term as governor. Adopting a more serious tone, he told the audience that he would speak to family and friends next year to “determine how I can best serve our great nation.”

“I think you all know that I care deeply about this country,” he said. “And I’ve never been more concerned about the direction of our nation. What I can tell you tonight is that I’m not about to give up on the Republican Party or America.”

Asked by CBS News about former President Donald Trump dinner last week with white supremacist Nick Fuentes, Hogan called it “shameful and unconscionable” but said he was not surprised. Days after Trump announced his third run for president, he had dinner at his Mar-a-Lago residence with Fuentes and Kanye West, who has come under heavy criticism for his anti-Semitic comments on social media. Later, Trump claimed he didn’t know who Fuentes was.

Hogan, on whether his party is responding strongly enough to Trump’s dinner with Fuentes and West, said, “on the one hand, it’s so shameful and more people should speak out.”

And yet, “on the other hand, we have to stop talking about Donald Trump,” Hogan said. He added, “The party and the country must get away from him.”

Concluding his remarks, highly-produced videos from Hogan’s political group, “An America United,” shed light on the Hogan administration’s alleged successes, and its response to the pandemic and the coronavirus crisis. Freddie Gray Riots. Both videos ended with phrases hinting at the future: “Stay tuned” and “This is just the beginning.”

Hogan hosted a fundraiser for his new federal PAC, “A Better Path Forward,” on his main event floor. He also held a summit in Annapolis, Maryland, on Wednesday, where he hosted notable Republicans, including former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

While speaking to reporters, Hogan alluded to $1.2 million raised at Wednesday night’s event.

“Tonight, 1,700 people gave us 1.2 million reasons why we should consider staying in politics,” he said.

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