Lisa Murkowski thinks there is a way to codify abortion protections

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski said on Thursday there was still “a long way to go” to find bipartisan agreement on codification right to abortion previously protected by Roe c. Wade. She added that she “is not in the camp that says it can’t be done.”

“The codification of Roe v. Wade will not happen unless there is a bipartisan approach. It’s as simple as that,” the Alaskan senator told CBS News’ John Dickerson in an interview. .

Murkowski said months ago she met the senses. Susan Collins, R-Maine, Kyrsten Sinema, D-Arizona and Tim Kaine, D-Virginia to determine if there was “a way forward.”

“We have a long way to go,” she said. “But again, if you don’t start with something that’s bipartisan in the first place, you’re doomed to fail, especially on issues as important as the ones we’re talking about with a woman’s right to choose. and to control her reproductive health care.

“It’s impossible to achieve if we say there’s no way to make it happen,” she added.

President Biden swore that the Democrats would codify Roe v. Wade in law if they win Senate seats and retain their majority in the House in the upcoming midterm elections. He also called on the Senate make an exception to its filibuster rules.

Murkowski, however, who supports the right to an abortion until fetal viability, told Dickerson she was against removing the filibuster to do so.

“Keep in mind that this can be a quick way to win, but when the tables turn, when the majorities turn, then it can be used against the problem,” she said. “It’s not a recipe for success. I’m not saying it’s easy. I can’t tell you that we have those votes lined up. But I believe the people of this country, the women of this country , are not prepared to be pushed back 50 years when it comes to determining their rights to reproductive health care, potentially their equitable access to contraception.”

In his interview, Murkowski also condemned threats against lawmakerssaying they discourage “good people” from working in government.

“I know it happens on both sides,” she said. “It’s not acceptable. It’s wrong for this to continue by anyone against any of us. And it’s not just those of us who hold elected office. Look what we let’s see with this with the threats against the judiciary, the Supreme Court, our cabinet members in both parties, whether it’s in the Trump administration, or now with the Biden administration. This is not acceptable and we all must express ourselves and condemn it.”

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