London cops release video of ‘vicious’ attack on 19-year-old woman at carnival

London’s Metropolitan Police have belatedly released video of a “violent” attack on a 19-year-old woman at Notting Hill Carnival in a bid to track down the perpetrators.

The video footage, posted on the Metropolitan Police website but not, curiously, on the force’s social media pages, where they would be more likely to be seen by large numbers of people, shows a crowd of people predominantly or exclusively black attacking a pixelated but seemingly lighter-skinned victim in the street during the multicultural carnival, which was returning from a long hiatus occasioned by the Wuhan virus pandemic.

The Met’s information call said the teenager was ‘hit in the head with a gas canister and then kicked and punched to the ground’ ‘around 7.05pm on Monday August 29’ – why they broadcast the footage that now was unexplained – in a totally unprovoked attack by men who had previously been engaged in a fight.

“The victim was very seriously injured in hospital as a result of this incident – although she was discharged, she continues to require treatment for the injuries she sustained,” commented the Detective Constable Sam Packer.

“He is a completely innocent member of the public who was assaulted without provocation or warning by people who intended to provoke violence,” added the investigator.

“If you were there and saw what happened, or have any footage that could help us identify those responsible, please do the right thing and contact us immediately,” he urged. .

The Notting Hill Carnival has been marked by particularly egregious outbreaks of violence when it returns in 2022, with one person stabbed to death and two female police officers sexually assaulted, among other incidents.

The leaders met claimed that the carnival “is a big event for the police”, but the Metropolitan Police Federation, a union-like body representing rank and file officers, strongly disagrees and has asked for its deletion.

“Every year, we argue that this event should not take place but we are not listened to,” complained Ken Marsh, who heads the federation.

“There were 11,000 officers on duty [this year]. For many of them it was their first experience of carnival policing and they were extremely shocked by what they saw and experienced,” he added.

Nonetheless, London Mayor Sadiq Khan of the left-leaning Labor Party described the “ambiences” at the carnival as “immaculate”.

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