Ludwig claims Logan Paul blew the ‘redemption trail’ with the CryptoZoo ‘scam’

Published: 2022-12-29T07:03:11

Update: 2022-12-29T07:03:29

YouTube star Ludwig Ahgren has slammed Logan Paul for blowing up his “redemption trail” after intricate details of his CryptoZoo “scam” were made public by Coffeezilla. He compared it to a “pyramid scheme” and said Paul needed to “admit” his mistakes.

Logan Paul is back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons after YouTube investigator Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen exposed his CryptoZoo project. Launched in 2020, it lay dormant for two years, leaving investors millions out of pocket.

With Logan Paul now trying to clean up his image and explain what happened behind the scenes ⁠— going so far as to invite Coffeezilla on his IMPAULSIVE podcast ⁠— Ludwig claims the damage has already been done and his “track redemption” has been destroyed.

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“While Logan Paul may have a proven ability to generate hype, it appears he lacks the ability to actually create something of value or deliver on his word,” he said in a video from the December 27.

Findeisen explained how CryptoZoo was “what looks like a pyramid scheme” in Ludwig’s words, enticing friends and family to invest first via a “soft” launch before the token was fully released to the public with a announcement.

“They’re trading, but it’s indoors ⁠ – which is legal because there are no regulations,” Ludwig explained. “But it should be illegal.”

After the Zoo tokens were purchased early before the “announcement,” Logan Paul exploded in private messages saying they could have made $120 million out of the $40 million in ongoing trades. This was confusing to Ludwig, as he “couldn’t understand” the “greed levels”.

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“I’m in an incredible position because of what’s happened through YouTube, streaming and content creation,” he said. “But I’m also good.

“Once you hit $1 million, buy your dream house, get everything you want, cover your family…why do you need more money? I can’t wrap my head [that].”

Ludwig’s biggest criticism was about how Logan Paul handled the PR aftermath. He was given two years to address all concerns about CryptoZoo, which never turned into a full-fledged game despite promises, but only chose to speak out after the Coffeezilla series.

“Why did it take someone to do a three-part docu-series to finally own up to your f**k ups and mistakes? He was super happy to sell his crypto eggs for $2.5 million. He was super happy selling millions of dollars worth of CryptoZoo tokens, but not so happy to pitch in when he needed to on a project that, in his own words, would make people money.

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“[It’s] super disappointing to see someone who I thought was on the road to redemption, who had matured quite a bit, whose content I found incredible.

“But it seems Logan Paul’s main ability is to hype, to get a lot of attention around things…but not to follow and to be a good actor, ethical and moral.”

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