Luxury Tree Lodge enhances the Lake Manyara safari experience

Experiential travel company andBeyond’s Lake Manyara Lodge enhances the guest experience in this ecologically extraordinary pocket of Tanzania.

Spanning land recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1981, Lake Manyara National Park encompasses a diverse environment of grassy floodplains, riverine habitats, acacia forests and the lake itself in Rift Valley depression in East Africa, northern Tanzania.

The rift wall rises above a rapidly changing habitat that thrives with abundant wildlife. Hot springs bubble up at the edge of the lake and giant baobab trees, which the park’s leopards are prone to climb, stand amid the bush and forest.

Lions are known to rest in the branches of forest trees and hippos bathe in the shallow water before emerging to graze after dark. Significant numbers of elephants and giraffes, as well as large flocks of baboons, are among the country’s trademarks.

Over 400 species of birds have been recorded in this environment, from bee-eaters, storks and hornbills to flamingos that inhabit the lake during the Southern Hemisphere summer months.

andBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is in a secluded corner of this unique environment. Individual treehouse suites, a swimming pool, and indoor-outdoor living space for guests to gather are nestled in the mahogany forest of this secluded enclave where bush babies hang out at night.

Each rustic luxury treehouse suite, set on stilts amidst the treetops, combines a wood and palm leaf structure with romantic interiors that combine handcrafted design details with luxury amenities including a soaking tub freestanding and an outdoor shower. A terrace runs along one side of the forest refuge.

The central guest then stands out with its high-ceilinged and panoramic wooden structure housing an elevated seating area and an open dining space overlooking the forest boma designed for dining under the stars. Local artwork features in this spectacular space providing a setting for gourmet meals and pre-dinner cocktails.

Twice-daily game drives introduce you to the national park’s diverse habitat and resident wildlife, with night drives bringing a whole different range of sightings and nature walks around the lodge. Aperitifs are set up in spectacular settings, including by the lake, of this landscape.

More recently, the lodge introduced its brand new experience offering guests an even greater immersion in the wilderness. Two to four guests at a time can now spend a night under the starry sky in a sleeping experience in which mesh beds are set up by a campfire in a secluded glade protected from wandering wildlife by your night guard. Maasai.

Community walks and bike rides outside the national park then give you the chance to interact with locals around the park while seeing firsthand the Africa Foundation projects that are making a difference in this part of Tanzania.

Last year saw the opening of the new Tara Getty Secondary School, which now provides education for students who previously would have had to travel seven to 12 kilometers each way, crossing impassable rivers during the rainy season, to reach a secondary school. Further developments, including student accommodation, are now being added to the new site.

This is an example of the impact projects undertaken and supported by andBeyond as part of its overall philosophy of protecting land, wildlife and people.

andBeyond introduces guests to the environment, wildlife and culture of Lake Manyara through its lodges and these Impact projects all year round, closing only one month each year in April. In 2023, lodge guests will be able to experience this unique pocket of Tanzania thanks to the latest enhancements added to each guest’s stay as well as andBeyond’s ongoing conservation and community programs.

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