Makeshift migrant boats continue to land on the Florida coast

A flotilla of small homemade boats and other small makeshift boats continues to land along the Florida coast. The boats carry migrants from several countries to the United States

Miami Area Chief Patrol Officer Walter N. Slosar tweeted a series of photos from several boat landings over the past week. Many boats are small and overloaded with migrants seeking to set foot in the United States.

On Tuesday evening, officers encountered several boats carrying Cuban migrants, Slosar tweeted. Nearly 120 migrants traveled to the Florida Keys aboard what the chief called “rustic vessels.”

On Wednesday, officers in Palm Beach, Florida worked with other law enforcement to apprehend a sailboat involved in a smuggling attempt. The ship contained 21 Haitian migrants, Slosar reported.

Earlier in the week, Slosar revealed photos of a homemade boat being used to bring more Cuban migrants to the Florida Keys. Officers encountered four smuggling operations leading to the arrest of 79 Cubans.

In late November, Breitbart Texas reported on the recent resurgence in boat migration to the Florida coast.

The resurgence of Cubans and Haitian migrants making the dangerous journey in makeshift boats to the Florida coast adds to the tens of thousands of apprehensions along the Texas-Mexico border.

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