Marvel Snap adds PvP mode

marvel snap Developer Second Dinner has confirmed that the game’s Battle mode, which lets players compete against friends, will be released in an update later this year. The Marvel Trading Card Game is off to an impressive start despite relatively limited features. A post-launch roadmap made it clear that Second Dinner has big plans for marvel snap. Today’s news is the first indication of when some of these new marvel snap content could arrive, however.


The current construction of marvel snap There is only one way to play the game. Players are randomly matched against opponents to play quick matches against each other, in which they can wager cosmic cubes depending on the outcome of the match. Earning Cosmic Cubes advances players in marvel snapRanking while losing Cosmic Cubes lowers them. There are no PvE modes in the game, nor any way for players to play with friends or through custom matches.

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Changes will come marvel snap before the end of 2022, however. Talk with The Washington PostSecond Dinner has confirmed plans to release marvel snap‘s Battle Mode before the end of 2022. marvel snap Players will recall that the game’s development roadmap listed “Battle Mode VS Friends” under the “In Development” subtitle back in October. Apparently it’s almost finished and should arrive shortly.

Second Dinner also provided information on how Battle Mode works. Instead of betting Cosmic Cubes as in marvel snapIn ranked mode, players will have health pools and can bet health amounts. A full Battle Mode match will take place over multiple games, although each player uses the same deck throughout. Each player will start with 10 life and the Snap mechanic will work the same as Battle mode, meaning aggressive play could lead to a match ending in two rounds while passive play could back and forth. one health point by one.

Battle mode isn’t just a way for friends to play against each other, of course. Second Dinner explains that it thinks the Battle mode will also be an optimal option for players to hold community tournaments as well. While there have been no announced plans for official esports leagues, Battle mode could definitely help get the ball rolling. marvel snap in this sense too.

marvel snap may be fully available on mobile devices, but in many ways it’s still a game in development. The PC version of marvel snap remains in Early Access, several key features are planned for the future, and most players will still take months to unlock many key cards in the game. But the quick release of a big feature like Battle Mode is definitely a good sign. Hopefully others marvel snap features like unranked mode, collectible tokens for new maps, etc. aren’t far either.

marvel snap is available now on PC and mobile devices.

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Source: The Washington Post

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