Marvel Snap Halloween Event Rewards Candy and Credits

marvel snap hosts its first holiday event, celebrating Halloween with spooky missions and valuable rewards. The new card game of Second Dinner, a team made up of formerFoyer developers, launched nearly two weeks ago. However, the post-launch support of marvel snap has taken off, including a Symbiote Season Pass, several new areas being released, and now also something special for Halloween.

Organize a holiday event in a game like marvel snap is not a simple task, oddly enough. marvel snap is designed for mobile devices, so it’s very streamlined, and most of its in-game real estate is taken up by other features. It’s possible that Second Dinner will replace the current season’s interface for Halloween, but with the season ending soon, that wouldn’t make sense. As such, Halloween this year is a relatively minor event inserted into one of marvel snap‘s news.


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Halloween has arrived in marvel snap and, for players interested in in-game holiday cheer, there are treats up for grabs. The event continues with an end date of November 8. Players are given several daily missions, which include tasks such as completing daily missions, playing decks with certain scary cards, and collecting cubes. Each mission rewards candies that can be exchanged for special prizes.

The rewards for marvel snapThe Halloween event is, somewhat disappointingly, quite limited. There are four “decorations” to unlock with candy currency, each adorning the marvel snap interface with the joy of Halloween. Only after unlocking all four decorations marvel snap players receive a reward they can use. The final reward is 100 credits, a one-time prize that probably doesn’t match the effort required to earn it.

There’s already a lot of criticism directed at Second Dinner’s feet regarding the Halloween event for marvel snap. A prize of just 100 credits is very little, especially considering the tasks that must be completed to earn them. marvel snap Credits. On the other hand, having an event and reward available for a holiday less than two weeks after the game’s launch is worth acknowledging for what it is.

At least, marvel snap players have something Halloween related to have fun with. It’s stuck in a weird corner of the game and the rewards aren’t great, but it’s something. We hope that Second Dinner can build on marvel snapso far to create even better holiday events in the future.

marvel snap is available now on PC and mobile devices.

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