Mattress Mack collects record sports betting payout and interviews FOX Sports

Thursday evening, Jim McIngvale went to Las Vegas. And when he got here, he decided he needed the money to walk around, like most people do when they hit the Vegas strip.

But unlike most people, he didn’t have to find the ATM. On the contrary, his money was waiting for him in a few vaults at two of the largest sports betting operators.

Oh, and it was just a little more than money for walking around. This was a record sports betting payout from its World Series bets.

Break the bank

McIngvale, the Houston furniture store owner better known as Mattress Mack, was in Vegas to collect his winnings betting on his beloved Houston Astros in the World Series odds market. Specifically, he cashed in a ticket with BetMGM on a $2 million bet at odds of 5 to 1 and won the massive payout on his $3 million bet at odds of 10 to 1 with Caesars Sports.

“We started at MGM, we got the big check [at Aria] for $10 million. Then we went to Caesars Palace and got the big check for $30 million,” Mack said in a Friday morning phone call. “Then at 3 a.m. BetMGM was kind enough to open the [casino] cage and get the $10 million in cash. We promoted it and then gave it to an armored truck company. They took it away and credited it to our bank account.”

Like Mattress Mack has done in years past, he ran a bedding promotion at his furniture store. Customers who participated in the promotion, with a purchase of at least $3,000, would get their money back if the Astros won the World Series. Customers who participated in the promotion at the start of the MLB season would receive double their money.

To cover his liability on the promotion, McIngvale placed the aforementioned bets, as well as a few additional $1 million games – $10 million total bets – with other sports bets. The next step for Matress Mack is to receive this $75 million in winnings paid out to all of her clients. A total of 7,000 customers participated.


As exciting as that would have been for just about anyone, the one thing McIngvale wanted least was a Game 7 in the World Series. With the Phillies leading 1-0 midway through the sixth inning of Game 6, that became more of a concern.

“Knowing the Phillies were the comeback kings, with that much money, I was hoping the Astros could finish Game 6,” McIngvale said. “It was a great game. The Astros were down 1-0, then Yordan Alvarez hit a three-run homer. My store is about 11 miles north of the stadium. He hit that ball so hard it almost ended up in my parking lot.”

Of course, that’s a slight exaggeration, but he ended up flying over the center field wall. Houston took a 3-1 lead, added another run in the bottom of the sixth, and that held off a 4-1 win that gave the Astros a 4-2 series win. And a big payday for McIngvale.

The next big bet

With his success this year and the 2023 World Series odds already on the betting board, McIngvale will certainly be back. At Caesars Sports, the Astros are the second +550 pick to win next season’s championship, behind only the +500 Los Angeles Dodgers (5-1). Houston is also second on the FOX Bet odds chart, currently sitting at +650 to win it all.

“I’ve already started the promotion. If you spend $3,000 or more, double your refund,” he said. “I haven’t bet on the Astros for next season yet, but I will bet soon enough. The Astros have been to the ALCS six years in a row, so they have a very good chance of making another run at We’ll see. how they will recharge for next year.

And we’ll see if Mattress Mack tops up next fall with another wheelbarrow full of cash.

Patrick Everson is a sports betting analyst for FOX Sports and a senior reporter for He is a distinguished journalist in the national sports betting space. He is based in Las Vegas, where he enjoys golfing in the 110 degree heat. Follow him on Twitter: @PatrickE_Vegas.

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