Melania feared that Rudy Giuliani would surprise her in a bathrobe, according to transcripts from January 6

Melania Trump was concerned that Rudy Giuliani would catch her wearing only a dress, a transcript of testimony from her former chief of staff revealed this year.

Stephanie Grisham told the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot earlier this year that the former first lady feared then-President Donald Trump was being given ‘bad advice’ in his final months at the White House and worried about unexpected visitors. like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

According to transcripts released Thursday, Mrs. Trump became “very upset” when unannounced visitors entered residential areas of the White House without warning.

“She hated it when people came to the residence,” Ms Grisham said in her May testimony.

“It was her house, she wanted privacy. So I remember towards the end she told me there were constant meetings in the Yellow Oval, which is the room upstairs of the residence, with various people, ”Ms Grisham told the January 6 panel in May.

“And she was very upset because nobody warned her and she was walking around in a dress, that kind of thing. But she never gave me any specific names other than Sidney Powell, Giuliani and the country people. These were his words. »

Ms Grisham added that “Mrs. Trump always wanted to be notified before people entered her home.”

The testimony, however, did not specify whether the unannounced guests, Guilinai or Powell, actually encountered the former first lady wearing only a dress.

Ms Grisham said the first lady “felt [Mark Meadows] left a lot of people who were possibly harmful to the president, giving him bad advice.”

She added: “He would bring them into the residence or bring them into the Ring. And Mrs. Trump never liked it when people told Trump what he wanted to hear rather than the truth or the reality of the situation, and she felt Meadows was just playing into her hand.

Ms Grisham added that the first lady was ‘very suspicious of Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, a lot of people coming up to the residence and talking to the president’ and that she had even ‘phoned with [Republican National Committee Chairwoman] Ronna [McDaniel] several times to ask, for example, “How are we really doing with the polls?” because I don’t think she necessarily trusted the campaign entirely.”

“I don’t know if she often attended the meetings. But from… some of the things the president was telling her then, which I don’t have specifics about, she was saying, ‘I think they’re giving him bad advice, I don’t think that’s smart'” Ms Grisham told the January 6 panel.

“She was just always frustrated that some people were let into the residence, because during the day, while a lot of people were left around during the day, it was the night I think – it was a bird of night people would show up, there was no control.

“Sometimes a chief of staff doesn’t know. And almost anyone could be up there and say something to him. And if those were things he liked to hear, then he would start reacting the next day based on that, and she never liked that.

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