Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A300 Cargo Announced; P-40 Warhawk gets version and pricing details


The Hawker 800XP external for MSFS is also progressing.

Today, third-party developers shared information about add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including planes and scenery.

We start with Cockspur, which has completed the external model of the Hawker 800XP business jet and released the first screenshot.

Next, we move on to iniBuilds, which had some exciting announcements to make. First, the developer will release an Airbus A300-600F (the cargo version of the A300) in 2023.

The P-40F WarHawk announced a few weeks ago will be released next week for £19.99 with the following specs

  • Using Microsoft’s latest CFD implementation in aspects of flight including primary flight surfaces, control surfaces and propeller
  • Authentically modeled Merlin engine, delivering true-to-life performance curated with empirical evidence from pilots rated on the type.
  • Fully modeled and working fuel system, using new fuel mechanics offered by Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Fully functional EFB – including maintenance page, moving map, radios and weather information. This is an optional feature, for those who want a more authentic experience (EFB can be disabled)
  • Removable covers displaying our detailed Rolls Royce Merlin model, in addition to removable gun bay or luggage compartment covers depending on the variant you wish to fly
  • Authentic real-world sound package from a working P-40F
  • Fully functional lighting inside and out, including UV glow in the gauges and dark hands, allowing you to fly in any weather!
  • Seven 4K liveries using the latest industry techniques, while maintaining authentic aircraft styling

Shortly after, a hotfix will be released to resolve the following issues:

  • Bug fixes since the initial release
  • EFB Phase 2. We would like to integrate basic route planning into the EFB for users who wish to fly this AB aircraft in a more modern style. You will be able to do proper planning “on the fly” by being able to enter a new destination airport via the EFB and give you all the necessary information

The next patch will bring even more updates.

  • Fuel system improvements. We plan to add a drop tank and update the fuel system mechanism to push the immersion even further!
  • We are working on a longer term ground management update specifically designed for tail drag or wheel nose wheel aircraft. We work with pilots who fly these planes in real life. Collecting the data was a fantastic learning experience, and we hope to be able to execute it fantastically on the plane.
  • Modeling the deterioration of systems – For example, if the oil is not changed regularly, the oil will be less effective in maintaining the correct temperature.
  • Electronic propeller pitch controls

Orbx has also released new screenshots of Lamezia Terme International Airport (LICA) in Italy.

Other screenshots come from Drzewiecki Design showing the progress of Newark Liberty International Airport (KEWR) in the United States. The new release forecast is mid-December.

Finally, JustSim has launched Oslo Airport Gardermoen (ENGM) serving the capital of Norway.

It is available on SimMarket for $24.37 plus applicable VAT. You can see what it looks like below.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available for PC (Windows 10 and Steam) and Xbox Series X|S. If you want to know more about it, you can check our review.

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