Microsoft Flight Simulator DC-10/KC-10 Freeware Gets New Screenshots and Developer Update; Copenhagen Airport unveiled

Today, third-party developers shared information about upcoming add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including an airplane and an airport.

We get a brand new dev update and tons of screenshots of the freeware McDonnell Douglas DC-10/KC-10 from Aero Dynamics, including the reveal that the developer will also release the DC- 10 Air Tanker (also known as “10 Cistern”).

Model exterior: For the exterior, we can finally show some progress with our DC-10 branch. We originally started with only the KC in mind, but now we have started significant progress with the DC-10-30F. The 30F is the first start of our DC-10 variants and will be the largest since our beloved KC-10. Along with the 30F, we plan to release 9 signature liveries such as FedEx (new and old), Aeroflot, United, and more! We may plan to expand our selection of 9 liveries in the future.

Model interior: After getting a full 3D scan of the cockpit, we’re proud to show off our cockpit! We have meticulously added many details in high priority areas never seen before in a flight simulation, and of course, in any DC-10 seen in a public flight simulation. With this plane, you’ll also be able to switch between a variety of instruments to get the DC-10 experience you’ve been looking for! You can keep it realistic or take more modern gauges from our KC-10 to use in the DC for those long flights. Our development group recommends the old school for a greater experience. From our EFB, you can configure your jet as you wish.

Displays and systems: The screens have received some updates. The fuel gauges are now integrated into the aircraft and functional. Font accuracy improvements will come in future updates. We have started initial work on the EFB. We plan to include standard features such as ground service controls, checklist integration, Navigraph and Simbrief integration. We will also include OSM maps for real-time aircraft location tracking. Parameters to modify certain parts of the aircraft such as realism, gauge types, etc. will also be included. Regarding the systems, the electrical system is now in a state where it is easy to integrate with other systems (lights for example). As a result, work began on other crucial aircraft systems such as a more advanced fuel system and APU; with pneumatics and hydraulics to follow. Obviously, as we work on it, the existing systems will be improved. This is an exciting step, as new systems should go live much faster. Once we are at a stage where the basic implementation of all systems exists, the fine tuning of realism begins.

Mystery Plane: For almost two years we have left you all confused with what we planned to release in terms of aircraft models. Today I am proud to clear up some old redacted information for all of you. Official presentation of the 10 Tanker! This plane was something we always wanted from the beginning, but we now have significant progress with it. This plane comes with fire retardant airdrop capability at the push of a button! It will also feature its own custom interior true to the source aircraft flying today! Now that we have finally unveiled our hidden part of the project, enjoy the new plane and enjoy some shots of the 10 Tanker!

If you want to follow the progress of the project, you can check out the developer’s Discord server.

A new revelation comes from the Danish specialists at SimNord, and it’s a major airport, Copenhagen (EKCH).

It’ll be interesting to see how this developer fare with a much larger hub than their usual work, but for now you can check out some screenshots.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for PC (Windows 10 and Steam) and Xbox Series X|S.

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