Midnight Suns has approximately 65,000 lines of voice dialogue

Firaxis Games confirms that Marvel’s Midnight Suns will have around 65,000 lines of voice dialogue throughout the game.

Firaxis Games shared this Marvel’s Midnight Suns will have approximately 65,000 lines of voice dialogue. The tactical RPG, where players will team up with Marvel heroes, will be released on December 2.

midnight suns revolves around a protagonist known as Hunter, who will help fight against the forces of evil raised by their mother, Lilith. There had been a number of trailers released featuring midnight suns‘ battle system and headquarters, as well as upcoming DLC ​​characters. Some have hinted at a seemingly lengthy narrative, especially since players will be able to bond with their superhero teammates.


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The developers at Firaxis Games seemed to have confirmed this in a recent YouTube video. Titled “Let’s Go! – Special Message from Firaxis”, Chief Engineer Will Miller mentioned that they ended up with around 65,000 lines of voice dialogue that players could hear over two hours of cutscenes and during the battles. He didn’t mention if that was the total number of voiced dialogs in the base game, but players can expect it to increase once DLC characters, like the ever-chatty Deadpool, join. the team.

Additionally, producer Rony Kahana hinted at some of the conversations written in the game. She said there will be dialogues about impostor syndrome, mental health, and childhood trauma. Kahana also paid tribute to the talented team of writers at Firaxis Games who worked to bring midnight sunsstory to life.

Players in the YouTube comments expressed their excitement for midnight suns. They also thanked the Firaxis Games team for their hard work in creating a unique gaming experience featuring beloved Marvel characters, like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange. It will be interesting to see their reactions once they enter the game’s story as they follow Hunter’s journey throughout the game, especially during the relationship building stages in The Abbey. Considering the protagonist has a seemingly complicated past, Kahana’s note on trauma could be hinted at a bit when speaking with her teammates.

In the past, Marvel games have had a checkered history. A recent example was marvel avengers, who received less than ideal reviews from players and critics. Despite recent updates, some seem disappointed that developer Crystal Dynamics delayed the launch of She-Hulk in avengers. With midnight suns, players initially thought it would be bad after experiencing their own delays. But it seems the winds change with each trailer showcase, and many are hoping that midnight suns will exceed their expectations.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches December 2 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with PS4, Switch, and Xbox One versions coming later.

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