Minecraft Fan Creates Awesome Real-Life Crafting Table Using LEGO

Inspired by LEGO Mario ‘?’ block set, a creative Minecraft fan recreates the Minecraft crafting table with miniature biomes and a little Steve.

A creative Minecraft a fan shared photos on Reddit of an awesome LEGO crafting table with little biome dioramas and an adorable little Steve. Quoting the official Super Mario “?” block set as inspiration for the basic design, Reddit user DJ_Hardlogic contributed an iconic part of Minecraft live. From the origin Minecraft Released in 2011, fans of the block building game have shown incredible creativity and building skill both in and out of the game.


The Minecraft The crafting table is one of the first pieces of furniture built in all worlds and remains one of the most important tools players can use to tame the wilderness. A single crafting table allows players to build hundreds of different items with thousands of possible combinations. Consistent updates since the original release have added more objects players can build, including the recent addition of customizable panels to Minecraft.

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The LEGO build of a crafting table by Reddit user DJ_Hardlogic captures small details like the flat crafting tools on the side of the table and includes a slide-out section with a small, adorable, handcrafted Steve. using LEGO bricks. DJ_Hardlogic went beyond the basic crafting table by including tiny dioramas of iconic Minecraft biomes, including a small Ender Dragon hidden in the Nether biome. While the recently revised Minecraft the desert biome is not included, DJ_Hardlogic has captured the iconic features of classic biomes, including lava fall, a suitably blocky wooded hill, and a hidden guardian in the underground caves section.

With over 2,000 upvotes to date, Minecraft fans enjoyed the interpretation of DJ_Hardlogic’s creative crafting table. In the comments, DJ_Hardlogic explained that they are working on a set of instructions so others Minecraft fans can replicate the construction of the crafting table. Once complete, instructions can be viewed on the LEGO Rebrickable fansite. Group constructions and the sharing of creations are an integral part of the dynamic Minecraft community, including the 500+ gamers who have come together to create an incredibly realistic game Minecraft town.

The Minecraft The community remains an impressive collection of creative and resourceful players who constantly find new ways to express their love for the franchise. Another player recently shared an awesome view of the universe inside Minecraft further demonstrating that building blocks can lead to works of art. Further updates and changes to the ever-evolving base game will give fans more tools and more options to evoke awe and wonder.

Minecraft is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Reddit

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