Modern Warfare 2 players want an Orion camouflage change

Players are asking for the Orion Ultimate Mastery Camo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to have a much faster animation.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 brings a new level of unlockable camouflage to the franchise, the Orion camouflage, but players aren’t happy with it. Players able to unlock the lower three levels of camouflage, including Gold, Platinum, and Polyatomic, will automatically earn the Orion camouflage for all of their weapons. Some players are asking for the Orion camo to be changed because in its current form, the Ultimate Mastery Orion camo is a disappointing ending to the grind of modern warfare 2 challenges.


Unlockable camo skins for player weapons have been a franchise feature since the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 2007. Traditionally, players must complete weapon-specific challenges, such as “getting 50 headshots” or “scoring 250 assists” with each weapon to unlock increasingly rare camo designs. Key attachments make weapon challenges easier, but modern warfare 2Gunsmith’s new system makes unlocking weapon attachments take longer than ever, and as a result, completing weapon-specific challenges for new skins also takes longer.

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The new Orion Mastery camouflage requires each challenge to be completed for 51 different weapons that require a significant amount of gameplay and player skill. Earn every camo in modern warfare 2 should be an achievement worth celebrating, but those who earn the Orion camouflage were disappointed with how the new camouflage appears during gameplay. The Orion camouflage is meant to be animated with a galaxy-inspired swirling pattern, but as pointed out on Reddit user ru5tysn4k3, the animation is so slow it appears to be static.

The video posted to Reddit shows the animation of Orion sped up by 16x and even at that speed the swirling galaxy pattern barely moves across the surface of the gun. Without a significantly sped up animation, the Orion camouflage looks similar to the lower level camouflage, with some players surprised that the Orion camouflage is even supposed to move at all. Slow animation speed isn’t as game-breaking as some other weapon glitches, including Activision temporarily disabling weapon tuning, but some modern warfare 2 fans are expressing a preference for the return of Damascus skins from previous games.

modern warfare 2 players commenting on ru5tysn4k3’s video currently prefer Polyatomic camo over Orion camo. One witty user even mentions that in its current form, the Orion camouflage is as barely noticeable as Drax the Destroyer because it moves so slowly. Everyday gamers are reporting bugs while playing modern warfare 2 so it’s not known to be at the top of Infinity Ward’s post-launch priority list adjusting the animation speed for the Orion camouflage, but until then players will continue to be disappointed with the reward for demonstrating their mastery of arms.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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