Monitors, graphics cards and SSDs

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If you’re a gamer opting for a desktop PC over a gaming laptop, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the best monitor, GPU, and storage solutions possible.

Among the many great deals available this Cyber ​​Monday, you can find great discounts on a range of monitors, graphics cards and SSDs from all sorts of top brands.

Here are the best Cyber ​​Monday deals we’ve found for PC gamers so far.

Best Cyber ​​Monday Gaming PC Game Deals

This ZOTAC computer may look like a slab of concrete, but it comes with a huge amount of storage space, a powerful RTX 3070 graphics card and liquid cooling. This means that you can play almost any game with perfect performance, without your PC heating up like a furnace. This PC usually costs $2,000, but it’s down to just $1,500 for Cyber ​​Monday.

Best Cyber ​​Monday PC Gaming Monitor Deals

This massive curved gaming monitor is a real steal. For just $155, this panel offers a high refresh rate and fast response time found in much more expensive models.

Best gaming graphics card deals for PC Cyber ​​Monday

The GeForce RTX 3070 is currently the standard graphics card for most high-end gaming machines and is usually sold out as soon as it appears. This ZOTAC-made card is available on Amazon right now, so act fast if you need a good GPU.

Best Cyber ​​Monday PC Gaming Accessory Deals

Our pick of the best mechanical keyboards, the Corsair K70 also features Cherry MX switches, RGB lighting, and a durable design.

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