MultiVersus has lost 37% of its Steam player base for the 5th month in a row

The future of MultiVersus doesn’t look so bright.

When it launched in July earlier this year, MultiVersus was the talk of the town. Finally, a platformer filled with recognizable characters that could potentially continue to rival Smash Bros.

Something that certainly won’t help this narrative is the game’s player count on Steam, as fans recently noticed that December is the fifth month in a row that MultiVersus has lost at least 37% of its overall player base on the platform. -shape. The game’s average player count was 1,911 at the end of November, but has now dropped to 1,206 at the time of writing. That’s still a decent number of players, but not the kind of trend Player First will want to continue.


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While the drop in player numbers is slightly concerning, it’s important to consider that the player base on consoles will likely be a bit higher than on Steam. It’s likely that those platforms will have seen a significant drop in player counts as well, but MultiVersus is still pretty healthy considering its cross-play functionality and over 1,000 players on what is likely its platform. the least popular.

The main problem at the moment seems to be the lack of new content. MultiVersus has done admirably to regularly release new characters for players to try out, though the lack of a ranked mode, server issues, and repetitive stages likely contributed to this drop in player counts. It looks like MultiVersus is going through a bit of a lull right now, though heavily rumored character additions like The Joker will likely bring back a lot of stragglers for a little while at least.

Just as u/Prof-Wernstrom explained in the original post replies, smart money is on Player First quietly working on new features to bring back dedicated players. The majority don’t think the game is in a particularly healthy place at the moment, although there seems to be confidence that Player First could have a strong raise once the game is over.

With the strength of its release, it’s hard to remember that MultiVersus is technically still in its beta phase, as key features like the guild haven’t yet seen in-game. adding a little more variety to its maps – as it is currently doing with the recently released stages of Game of Thrones and Space Jam – MultiVersus will likely stop this downward spiral going on right now. It was hugely popular when it launched, and there’s no reason it can’t make a resurgence in 2023. Stranger things have happened.

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