Musk says he reinstated Trump’s Twitter account after activists ‘broken the deal’

  • Musk lifted Twitter’s ban on Trump and others without consulting a content moderation board.
  • He said the advice was a deal with “activist groups” who tried to “kill Twitter” but broke the deal.
  • Musk allowed Trump to return to Twitter based on poll results, but Trump hasn’t tweeted since.

Elon Musk is affirming that he backtracked on his plan to create and consult with a “content moderation board” before reinstating Twitter accounts banned because “a broad coalition of political/social activist groups… broke the OK”.

According Musk’s tweetthese groups had threatened to “kill Twitter” by “depriving us of advertising revenue”.

But Musk restored former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account on Saturday after conducting a Twitter poll asking him if he should – not after consulting any advice. The poll garnered more than 15 million votes and 51.8% of respondents voted yes.

In a response to a tweet calling Musk’s planned formation of a council “‘completely fictional’,” he claimed the content moderation council was a condition of a now broken deal with activist groups.

After Trump’s account was reinstated, NAACP Chairman Derrick Johnson quoted Musk’s announcement on Twitter and said, “You are failing our democracy,” adding that the poll was “garbage” and “don’t means nothing”.

Johnson continued tweet that “Any advertisers still funding Twitter should immediately suspend all advertising now.”

After taking over Twitter as part of his $44 billion deal, Musk announced the platform would form a content moderation council “with very diverse viewpoints”.

“No major content or account reinstatement decisions will take place until this board meets,” Musk said.

Last Friday, before reinstating Trump’s account, Musk tweeted that he had lifted the ban on comedian Kathy Griffin, Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson and right-wing satirical site The Babylon Bee. But the “decision has not been made” regarding Trump.

The following day, hours before Trump’s account was reinstated, the former president told the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas via video that his social media platform Truth Social is “doing very well” and that there are would stay. Trump has yet to tweet since his restored account.

Media Matters, citing “direct outreach, controversy and warnings from media buyers,” estimated that half of the platform’s top 100 advertisers pulled ads from Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

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