NBA fan brings dog dyed to look like Pikachu to Miami Heat game

An NBA and Pokémon fan decides to dye his dog’s fur to match the iconic Pikachu look before taking the painted pup to a recent basketball game.

One Pokemon fan dyed his dog’s fur to look like Pikachu before taking him to a Miami Heat basketball game. The dyed pup quickly stood out from the crowd, with this animal example Pokemon makeup getting a lot of attention online.

Numerous Pokemon fans have disguised their pets as the titular pocket monsters, with varying degrees of success. In November, for example, a Pokemon enthusiast dressed up his dog as a Houndoom. Meanwhile, in June, a YouTuber called Wandering Cats created a video summarizing Pokemonwith costumed felines. There are also plenty of Pokemon pet costumes for fans to choose from if they’d rather not DIY their actual Pokemon.


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However, a Pokemon fan opted to eschew costumes in favor of dyeing his iconic Pomeranian Pikachu fur colors. This included Pikachu’s bright yellow coat and red cheeks. He even added black tips to the dog’s ears and painted Pikachu’s brown stripes on the dog’s back. The little dog’s bright yellow coat caught his eye when his owner took him to the Mimi Heat game against Minnesota Timberwolves, which took place in Miami on December 26. It caught the eye of a cameraman filming the crowd and prompted some comments from advertisers.

“I don’t think that dog approved of that paint job,” one of the amused commenters said as the little dog tried to climb out of his owner’s lap. Many animals seem indifferent to the strange costumes their owners put on them, as with the Houndoom example mentioned above. However, while it’s hard to know for sure how this dog feels about being painted, it’s possible to read some discomfort in the dog’s behavior. The clip was posted on Twitter, and while some in the replies were amused at remembering the strange dye job, others felt it crossed the line into animal abuse.

Hopefully, the dog owner took care to use a hair dye that is safe for dogs when creating their dog. Pokemon paint job. Human hair dye can damage dogs’ fur and often make them uncomfortable. Many chemicals that are safe for humans are also toxic to dogs or pose a risk of potentially serious side effects. These can include allergic reactions, chemical burns, skin diseases and immune disorders. Studies have also linked some of the chemicals in hair dye to cancer in dogs. It’s actually illegal to dye a dog’s fur in some states, including Florida, where the basketball game took place.

There are safe and humane ways to dye a dog’s hair. It is therefore very possible that the owner of the dog in the video painted his animal responsibly. However, anyone wishing to do the same should exercise caution before following this Pokemon the footsteps of the fans. Alternatively, fans could find other ways to combine their love of dogs with their passion for Pokemon.

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Source: Dexerto

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