NIJISANJI Breaks Viewership Record In 2022 As New VTubers Settle In

Posted: 2022-12-16T04:00:00

Updated: 2022-12-16T03:48:23

NIJISANJI broke its ratings record in 2022 as VTuber agency continues to grow with many new debuts. Although it has had its fair share of graduations, viewership continues to grow across all regions, especially in the English space.

VTubing only continued its explosive growth in 2022. As viewership grows on both YouTube and Twitch, and interest in the space grows after the 2020 boom, individual agencies are now posting some of their best results to date.

For ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI, these results are public due to their listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The company just released its 2022 viewership numbers through the end of October, and it’s showing a noticeable increase as it brings in more talent.

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Their YouTube viewing time reached 191 million hours in the two quarters of the 2022/23 fiscal year, starting in April, according to their December 15 report.

This is evenly distributed across all branches except VirtuaReal, which is not included in the stats. NIJISANJI EN, despite accounting for 15.4% of the agency’s talent, represents around 19% of all viewers with 73 million hours in the last six months.

NIJISANJI’s Japanese livers account for 80% of hours, while the final 1% is their once-separate Indonesian and Korean talents.

The numbers also don’t include Twitch streams, which more and more NIJISANJI talent are embracing. Yuki Chihiro is the most notable, with the Japanese liver entering the top 10 female streamers globally with her shows on YouTube and Twitch.

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The talent count did not change between the first and second quarters of 2022 for reporting reasons, but the recent debut of XSOLEIL will affect these numbers for the third quarter of 2022, as well as the graduations of Miyu Ottavia, Axia Krone and Yugo Asuma.

With more events on the horizon and a big profit recorded in the last quarter, the future looks bright for NIJISANJI if they can continue to grow.

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