Nintendo Switch Online adds 4 Sega Genesis games, including Virtua Fighter 2

The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack adds four Sega Genesis games to its ever-growing lineup of classic titles.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack players can now enjoy four new SEGA Genesis console games added to the library just in time for the weekend. Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service offered by Nintendo for use with its latest handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. NSO is an enhanced version of the Nintendo Network launched for the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS. The service provides access to online features for Switch games, such as competitive and cooperative multiplayer, cloud saves, and more.


Last month, during a press conference on the company’s half-year financial results, Nintendo executives mentioned that they were taking steps not only to increase the number of Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but also to offer more value to existing subscribers. Regularly adding new features and titles to the Nintendo Switch Online library seems to be part of that effort.

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The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack has added 4 new titles: Alien Storm, Golden Ax 2, Columnsand Virtual Fighter 2. 1990s Alien Storm and 1991 Golden Ax 2 are two very popular beat ’em up games that differ in plot but are similar in gameplay. Alien Storm, an arcade shooter, follows a special forces team called the Alien Busters as they fight to save Earth from an alien invasion. On the other hand, Golden Ax 2 is a sequel to 1989 Golden axewhich takes place in a medieval fantasy world where the player’s objective is to retrieve the titular ax by defeating an enemy clan.

The third game added to the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack is Columns. Columns is a 1990 puzzle video game in which the player controls falling blocks, trying to create columns, rows, or diagonals of the same color. The game ends when the player’s stack of blocks reaches the top of the playing field. Columns was one of the first puzzle games to use the concept of chain reactions, and its game mechanics would go on to influence a number of later games in the genre. While Virtual Fighter 2 is a fighting game released by Sega in 1994. The game is a sequel to the original virtual fighter and was one of the first fighting games to use 3D graphics.

Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack users can update the app and access the games now. The addition of new titles is great news for Nintendo fans, as it means the company is committed to providing an ever-growing selection of titles to play online. It also shows that Nintendo listens to feedback from its fans and strives to improve the service.

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