Nordics Release Window, Trailer, Platforms, Story and Gameplay Details

Falcom a long time been the “B-tier” RPG company, playing second fiddle to Square Enix and Atlus, along with Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei respectively. Over the years, however, Falcom has shown absolutely incredible growth, both in terms of success and the quality of its game design. Ys remains the company’s flagship series, and both Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana and Ys IX: Monstrum Nox represent some of the best action RPGs of the past decade. Once again, Falcom is ready to redefine the franchise with Ys X: Nordics, a brand new game to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Ys. Although it’s still a long way from release, here’s everything we know about Ys X: Nordics.

When is the Ys X: Nordics exit window?

Unlike the latest Ys games, Yes X will only feature two playable characters.FalcomComment

Ys X: Nordics is slated for release in 2023 in Japan on PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. However, Western fans should expect to wait at least a bit before NIS America localizes the game. Falcom’s games never have simultaneous releases, and localization times have varied wildly for past titles. Yes VII was localized about a year and three months after its release in Japan, while Yes IX took almost two years. Combine that with the fact that NIS America is currently localizing several Trails games for Falcom, and we’re likely looking at a 2024 release at the earliest.

Is there a Ys X: Nordics trailer?

The major new addition to Ys X’s gameplay is a boat that Adol can pilot, which also serves as a hub for the player.FalcomComment

Unfortunately, Falcom has not released any type of trailer or gameplay footage for Yes X That much. However, a handful of screenshots have been released, which you can see throughout this article. As soon as an official trailer is released, this story will be updated.

What is the Ys X: Nordics story?

Yes X goes way back in the series’ timeline, starring 17-year-old Adol Christin.FalcomComment

Each Ys game is relatively self-contained, with a few references and characters appearing throughout the series. It is still true for Ys X: Nordics, but it is interesting to note that the story goes back a long way in the life of the protagonist of the Adol series, which takes place when the adventurer is 17 years old. This puts Adol around the age he was. Yes I and IImeaning it’s the farthest in the series timeline that Falcom has gone since the very beginning.

Yes X will take place in the northern sea of ​​Obelia Bay, an area made up of countless islands. Here, Adol will encounter a maritime people called the “Normans”, as well as a kind of immortal undead menace called the “Griegers”.

Other than that, we currently don’t know much about YsX story, other than the fact that it will focus on areas not shown in previous games, and largely will not involve the Romun Empire, a major country featured in most entries, in one way or another. ‘another.

What is Ys X: Nordics gameplay like?

Mana actions seem to be tied to both combat and traversal.FalcomComment

On the gameplay side, Yes X seems to shake things up a bit, deviating from the party format the show has been using ever since. Memories of Celceta. This time around there will only be two playable characters, Adol and a mysterious axe-wielding girl who has only been seen in concept art and screenshots.

As reported by noisy pixela June 2022 interview with Falcom Chairman Toshihiro Kondo revealed that Yes X was slightly inspired by the Souls series. This does not mean Yes X will be a Soulslike in every way, as Kondo said the inspirations aren’t “open ended,” but it could upend the series’ formula.

Gameplay will, of course, still be focused on fast-paced action, but there are a few new elements that Falcom touched on briefly. The basic concept of YsX The combat system revolves around two different modes, solo mode and combo mode. Solo is a faster mode where players control one character while the AI ​​handles the other, while Combo is a more deliberate mode that sees players controlling both characters simultaneously.

Special abilities called ‘Mana Actions’ will give players more freedom when performing actions in the air, and defense is more important than ever, linked to something called ‘Vengeance Gauge’ which can increase your power of attack.

By far the most notable addition is the fact that players will be able to pilot their own ship to explore the islands of Obelia Bay. This ship serves as a hub for the player, although there are still towns to explore. There will also be naval battles, although Falcom has not yet specified how these will work.

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