Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Kiriko Saving Allied Mercy At The Last Second

A new clip from Overwatch 2 shows Kiriko rushing to Mercy’s rescue during an intense match, saving them from an untimely demise.

A recent Monitor 2 The clip shows Kiriko helping out her Mercy teammate at the last possible second. Even though the supporting characters in Monitor 2 are often tasked with keeping their teammates alive, this video reveals that everyone needs a save from time to time.

Mercy is one of eight support heroes in Overwatch 2, and she’s a popular choice for several reasons. For example, her Caduceus Staff allows her to heal and amplify allies’ damage, and she has the power to resurrect teammates. Additionally, Mercy has several movement abilities that allow her to maneuver around the map effectively. However, a recent clip revealed that these abilities aren’t always enough to save her in a fight, meaning she sometimes needs a little help from a friendly player.


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In a post on Reddit, a user known as SairAbbas shared a video he recorded from a recent game of Monitor 2. Playing as Kiriko on the Dorado map, the clip showed the moment the hero rescued his teammate Mercy. The remarkable stoppage occurred when the enemy team attempted to escort the payload to the third and final checkpoint. The clip uploaded to Reddit by SairAbbas started from Kiriko’s perspective as she tries to keep her teammates alive. However, after a few seconds, she realized something was wrong when she noticed that her ally Mercy’s outline seemingly fell below the map boundary.

Wasting no time, Kiriko rushed to the edge of the ledge. Luckily, this allowed ally Mercy to use Guardian Angel to fly towards Kiriko, narrowly avoiding falling to her death. With humor, SairAbbas titled the clip “Heroes never die!” when it was posted on Reddit. It was a reference to Mercy’s iconic voice, she says on the battlefield. However, this time it was her who had to be saved.

Interestingly, SairAbbas included Mercy’s perspective when uploading the clip to Reddit. Looking around the room from her perspective revealed that she left the edge while trying to escape Ramattra’s ultimate ability, Annihilation. While the support initially attempted to recover by flying towards a teammate, she was unable to clear the wall in front of her, causing her to slowly fall to her doom. However, the video revealed that Mercy was able to lock onto her ally Kiriko at the last second before dying.

Since posting this miraculous rescue in Monitor 2 on Reddit, many gamers noticed it. With over 1.8,000 upvotes in a single day, many had something to say about the piece. For example, some users said “muscle memory” would have taken over for them, causing them to teleport to the Mercy instead. “On behalf of all Mercy players, thank you,” another player commented. Hope this clip and others like it recall Monitor 2 players should always be on the lookout for teammates who need help.

Monitor 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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