Overwatch 2 Player notices doors really don’t work as they should

A Monitor 2 The player notices what most fans strangely don’t, creating a short clip to showcase the game’s many types of doors that open in a way that doesn’t really make sense given their designs. Card designs in Monitor 2 are generally lauded for being well-designed to encourage different gameplay approaches and strategies, though keen-eyed fans are quick to point out that there are many features in these cards that simply defy real-world logic.


Monitor 2 had a busy first season, enduring a rocky launch period due to server issues and glitches that were followed by a lot of fan criticism regarding the new monetization and shop features. That said, Monitor 2 certainly brought a lot of new content to the table aside from the expensive new cosmetics, including 3 new heroes, the new game mode Push, and several new maps spanning multiple different game modes. Many of these maps have been received differently by fans, and while the Push game mode and its associated maps have been rather controversial so far, new maps such as Paraiso, Circuit Royal, and Midtown have been a lot of fun for fans. players alongside interesting design choices that encourage unique styles of play.

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A Monitor 2 fan on Reddit by the name of pogstream has compiled several clips into a short video that highlights many different doors on old and new maps to demonstrate how some of them don’t make functional sense . The game offers many different types of doors, from double doors to glass doors, sliding doors and garage doors. While there are certainly plenty of doors in each map, the clip shows how some doors, such as double doors, simply slide into the ground instead of opening outward as you might expect. Another example shows garage doors rolling down into the ground, rather than rolling up.

Sure, Monitor 2The bustling gameplay of makes players unlikely to focus on the game’s door mechanics, which ultimately contribute little to actual gameplay outside of unlocking new spawn rooms or checkpoints on payload maps. Even so, it’s worth noting that many of these dodgy doors only play their opening animations when specific gameplay triggers take effect, meaning it’s rare for players to even be near these doors. when they open.

Due to Monitor 2 continuing to charge unfortunately high prices for skins, many players continue to express their displeasure with the prices and shop mechanics, instead asking Blizzard to make cosmetics more available and provide players a way to get them reliably and for free through gameplay. With Season 2 just weeks away, however, fans can expect more new content soon, including a new hero, a new map, and more.

Monitor 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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