Overwatch 2 players have ideas for improving map rotation

Overwatch fans offer a solution to the lack of map variety in Overwatch 2, as its slow map rotation tired most players waiting for Season 2.

Monitor 2 Launched with significantly fewer cards compared to its predecessor and coupled with an overly long card rotation system, players are looking for solutions that might help alleviate encroaching fatigue. A major problem with the release of Monitor 2 was that it was launched on top of a complete and polished game. When the Surveillance servers were shut down days before the sequel was released, this irrevocably deprived players of the opportunity to play what some considered the best hero shooter.


While actual moment-to-moment gameplay has improved in Monitor 2, its progression and monetization systems left a lot to be desired. The weekly challenges of Monitor 2 lacks variety, its UI is a noticeable downgrade, and with maps only rotating once per season, it renders the experience stale much sooner than players would like. Although the next Monitor 2 the season begins on December 6, his arrival will likely be a band-aid solution to a larger problem.

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A possible solution that could refresh the game comes from the official Surveillance community on Reddit, where several players have gathered to give their opinion on the current state of the game. The prevailing suggestion seems to be simple, but brilliant: introduce Day and Night versions of Monitor 2 cards, as well as bringing back all Payload cards from the original game.

Compared to Surveillancethe sequel launched with nine fewer maps than the original game – largely because Blizzard removed or replaced certain game modes to Monitor 2, but probably also because the devs had porting issues on some cards. Some players think the real reason for map rotation is to spread out fatigue in the early seasons of Monitor 2 give the development team time to implement them properly.

An extremely popular map that players want to see rotating in Monitor 2 is Blizzard World. While the map is available in Custom Games, its port to the sequel isn’t complete yet, and players are assuming it won’t be part of the rotation until Season 2. A major addition in the upcoming Monitor 2 season is new hero Ramattra, a “tempo tank” that promises to shake up the game’s meta. 3 on February 7, 2023.

Monitor 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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