Overwatch 2 Season 2 Release Date, New Hero Ramattra Trailer & Details

The first season from Blizzard’s team-based FPS suite Monitor 2 coming to an end. Although it was a turbulent time full of bugs, roster changes, and lots of community feedback, the game remained remarkably strong overall. With the difficulties of launching a new game now behind them, the Blizzard team is hard at work preparing the next season for plans. Here’s everything you can expect in season 2 of Monitor 2including on startup, switch to combat bass and a new hero.

When is season 2 of Monitor 2 beginning?

The inaugural season of Monitor 2 will end on December 6, when season 2 will begin. Players should expect the servers to be down for some time for the update, although currently no official time has been set for the service. However, the weekly reset usually takes place on Tuesdays at 3 PM EST, so that’s a safe bet.

A new season brings a lot of new content for Monitor 2.Snow storm

Based on the length of Season 1, players can expect Season 2 to last around nine weeks. Which would mean Season 2 could last until the first week of February.

What to expect in Monitor 2Season 2 Battle Pass

As Blizzard has already indicated in the content roadmaps, players can expect each new season to include a wide variety of cosmetic rewards at each level of the Battle Pass. More importantly, there will be a new hero introduced in Season 2, as well as a new Mythic skin.

Ramattra’s origin story is dark, to say the least.

For Season 1, Kiriko was the Battle Pass exclusive hero, and the Genji Cyber ​​Demon skin was the Mythic skin. Each Season’s Mythic skin will unlock at Battle Pass level 80.

How to unlock Ramattra in Monitor 2 Season 2

The biggest novelty of the game coming in Season 2 is the introduction of the recently announced hero Ramattra. He’s a new Tank hero joining the game’s extensive roster. For a full rundown of his backstory, trailer, and abilities, check out our guide here.

A new Tank hero named Ramattra joins the roster.Snow storm

Ramattra will not be available to all players once Season 2 begins. Like Kiriko in Season 1, players will need to progress through the Battle Pass in order to unlock it. For those who don’t want to shell out the cash for the premium Battle Pass, they’ll need to reach Battle Pass Tier 55 to unlock Ramattra. However, if you spend $10 for the premium Battle Pass, it will be available to play immediately.

Monitor 2 Season 2 Events

Surveillance love a good seasonal event. Perhaps most famously, the game holds an annual Halloween event with special game modes and a plethora of cool cosmetic rewards. While there are no confirmed plans yet, it’s safe to assume that there will be at least one winter holiday-themed event towards the end of December.

A die Monitor 2 The community’s biggest gripe with the latest Halloween event was that while there were plenty of cool cosmetics available, they could only be purchased with in-game currency. Blizzard heard this criticism and assures players that in the future “every event now has a skin that you can earn” just by playing the game.

Players should expect the return of the Winter Wonderland-themed event.Snow storm

There will be players who think that a skin is not enough of a reward. Blizzard’s tendency to charge fans high prices just for cosmetics recently drew negative attention when the company sold a $10 skin for the hero Mei at a time when she was unavailable to play in the game. due to ongoing balance changes.

Monitor 2 New Season 2 Map

One thing players can look forward to will add something new to Monitor 2 is the introduction of a new card. There are currently no details on what exactly this map will be and what game mode will be played on it.

A map added to the game in Season 2 has been confirmed in Blizzard’s official roadmap for Monitor 2so expect more details on what this map will be closer to the launch of Season 2.

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