Overwatch League gets its first major name change, Philadelphia Fusion becomes Seoul Infernal

“We realized that our franchise will be best positioned to succeed in Seoul.”

Overwatch League just received its first major name change, with Philadelphia Fusion moving from the United States to South Korea, transforming into Seoul Infernal. Although this is the first-ever substantial rebranding, another team has already taken a big step forward, with Paris Eternal becoming Vegas Eternal on September 7, 2018. Seoul Infernal, however, is the first team to drop the name completely. ‘origin.

“Philadelphia Fusion is to be rebranded as Seoul Infernal in 2023,” renowned industry watcher Overwatch Cavalry announced on Twitter. “As the team prepares for its transfer from team operations to South Korea, this rebranding will bring new kits, merchandise and skins to Overwatch League 2023, making it Seoul’s second team.”


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Seoul Infernal will become the second team to be located in both Seoul and South Korea, the first being Seoul Dynasty. The only other countries in the Overwatch League are the United Kingdom with one team, Canada with two teams, China with four teams and the United States with no less than 11 teams in Boston, New York, Washington, Atlanta , Miami, Houston. , Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“Today, Overwatch League team Philadelphia Fusion announced plans to rebrand in the new year as Seoul Infernal and relocate to South Korea, where the team has been operating for two years,” described the official announcement from team owner Comcast Spectacor. “The team, founded in 2017, initially moved its operations to South Korea at the onset of the Covid pandemic in early 2020 in close coordination with Overwatch League officials.”

“As we prepare for next season, we assessed how best to compete at a consistent championship level and realized that our franchise will be best positioned to succeed in Seoul,” the President and Chief Executive Officer said. management of Comcast. Spectacor Dave Scott commented on the move. “We are excited to begin this next chapter as Seoul Infernal and our team is proud to represent our current and future fans on the world stage.”

Seoul Infernal will remain under the same ownership going forward, Comcast Spectacor. In addition to the existing management, the list of currently signed players will be retained, but some “new additions will be made to strengthen the team”.

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