People Just Found Out Ryan Reynolds & Rob McElhenney’s ‘Tiny’ Hidden Insult at Liverpool in FIFA 23

Fans barely notice a hidden joke from Hollywood owners of Wrexham, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, in FIFA 23.

Reynolds and McElhenney took the footballing world by storm when they took over National League football club Wrexham in 2021.

The pair are famous for their exploits as actors, but the pair have taken on this massive responsibility head on in a bid to turn around the fortunes of the famously struggling club.

No strangers to business partnerships, the duo came together to record voice-overs for the latest edition of FIFA – something fans are only noticing. Check it out below.

If you play as Wrexham against Liverpool on the match, there is a very funny voiceover from the pair, just as the teams shake hands before the start of the game.

The game commentator begins by saying: “This is a huge game for Wrexham and I believe we have a message from the owners, Ryan and Rob.”

Rob’s voice then appears, as he says: “Well, it’s a special game – it’s a big club against a very small club.”

“A giant club against a tiny improvised version of a football club.”

Rob then says: “And of course we’re talking about Liverpool.”

To which Ryan adds: “Small, tiny Liverpool club. A close community there in Liverpool, really keeping this community-owned club together.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will not be happy with the duo's claim.  (Image credit: Alamy)
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will not be happy with the duo’s claim. (Image credit: Alamy)

Rob ends by saying: “Very close to huge Wrexham AFC.”

What’s even better is that there are apparently more instances of this in-game, with the pair recording several small voiceovers for different teams.

According to the tweet comments, there’s a very humorous one if Wrexham take on Stockport in the game – maybe it’s time to load up FIFA to check it out.

The couple have documented their journey as co-owners of the Welsh club in the hugely popular ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ series airing on Disney Plus.

Reynolds and McElhenney during a Wrexham match.  (Image credit: Alamy)
Reynolds and McElhenney during a Wrexham match. (Image credit: Alamy)

It’s been nominated for two awards and dives deep into the local community as well as club and team, making it a brilliant watch.

Team-wise, they currently sit second in the National League, five points behind leaders Notts County, with two games in hand.

Last season, which was the first under the new owners, saw the team bitterly close to eventual promotion to the fifth tier of English football – a league they have remained in since 2008.

This season will see them hunt down that automatic promotion spot to finally return to the football league.

But a showdown with Liverpool at Anfield in the future still seems a long way off – best to stick with FIFA for now.

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