Pokemon Fan Art Reimagines the Nacli Evolution Line in the Style of Paper Mario

A Pokémon player draws the Rock-Type Pocket Monster Nacli and its evolving Generation 9 lineage in the style of Nintendo’s Paper Mario.

A Pokemon fan draw Rock-Type pocket monsters Nacli, Naclstack and Garganacl in the style of paper mario. Various types of art based on Nintendo’s creatures have been created, showing the imagination of those who love the series. This includes combining different Pokémon together, as well as drawing them in certain themes such as Halloween.

Artists also enjoy drawing Pokemon in the style of other video game franchises, as well as depicting characters from other games as pocket monsters. Some artists have even drawn the creatures in a realistic style, giving players an idea of ​​what they would like if they actually existed. One Pokemon fan decided to draw the evolutionary line of one of the generation 9 pocket monsters in the style of paper mario.


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A Reddit user named TimDrawsStuff drew Nacli and its two evolutions as paper mario characters. The three Pokemon already had a cartoonish look, which is intensified in the user artwork. The piece features a slight animation, which shows the pocket monsters bouncing slightly similar to the characters found in the paper mario universe. The work is cute and shows that various Pokemon can fit into other franchises and their art style.

A few Redditors expressed their delight in TimDrawsStuff’s artwork, including a few who called the piece awesome. A few users have said that the Nacli evolutionary line has been their favorite since Pokemon scarlet and violetwhile another said he would like to see Garganacl fight against Magnus von Grapple, one of the bosses players face in Paper Mario: The Millennium Gate. A fan also mentioned that he would like to see Clodsire in this style. TimDrawsStuff’s piece looks great and is an interesting way to look at the many Pokemon out there.

TimDrawsStuff has made a number of Pokemon in the paper mario style, all of which look cute. This includes the Pokémon Gimmighoul in its chest form and roaming form, as well as Bellibolt. The artist even drew Koraidon and Miraidon in the style. TimDrawsStuff also takes on other Nintendo characters and has created custom artwork that features them in various guises. One of the main ideas they’re working with is turning Nintendo characters like Link and Geno into Mimikyu costumes, giving the Pokémon plenty of options outside of the normal Pikachu disguise. The artwork is adorable and helps show off the kinds of imaginations that Pokemon fans have as they continue to create custom artwork that shows the Pocket Monsters in different styles.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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