Pokemon Fan Sculpts Ceramic Diglett Figure

Almost everyone loves Diglett from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but maybe they don’t love the Pokemon as much as a fan who made a ceramic version.

A Pokemon scarlet and violet fan created a Diglett ceramic sculpture. The sculpt is inspired by a popular creature that has appeared in many franchise games over the years, including pokemon scarlet and Purple.

Diglett existed in the Pokemon games since the very first generation. It looks like a mole and always appears with dirt around its base as if it has just emerged from the dirt after a productive burrowing session and now wants a breath of fresh air for a change. (although a pokemon scarlet and Purple a glitch reveals that Diglett may work differently than we had imagined). The other distinguishing feature is her bulbous pink nose. Trainers can turn him from a single entity into a three-headed Dugtrio by leveling him up enough, but he’s forever more of an affable curiosity rather than an essential part of everything. Pokemon hit the team.


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A Reddit user named Month_Double posted a photo on the Pokemon subreddit to show off a Diglett they created in a ceramics class. Such a project might seem simple enough, given Diglett’s basic form, but the ceramic sculpture does a commendable job of capturing the essence of its subject by incorporating varying earthy tones with the familiar pink stain of a nose. and curious vertical eyes. A nice glaze protects everything, which could allow the home-made Diglett to hang out safely in a leafy garden with the local gnomes if she tires of rockier surroundings. The creature seems to be popping up everywhere (one fan even found chairs on a bus that looked like Diglett). Click here to see the full Reddit post.


Craft projects related to Pokemon are nothing new, but their variety continues to impress. Recently another Pokemon fan created a Ninetales action doll, for example. Others have created statues from various materials, and each new entry in the series seems to inspire a new wave of creative endeavours.

Fans who would like to make their mark in various Pokemon nor do communities have to limit their creative endeavors to crafts and works of art. Using other software such as Minecraft, players can create large-scale models of their favorite creatures from Paldea and other regions. Last year a Pokemon fan made a recreation of Rayquaza in Minecraftwhile another recreated the Goldenrod City environment originally featured in pokemon gold and Money. Whatever the medium, it’s clear there’s still plenty of room to try new and exciting things within the Pokemon universe, as well as here in a real world that would otherwise have to exist without the adorable creatures.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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