Pokemon GO players praise Zorua’s encounter mechanic

Pokemon GO players are having a lot of fun with Zorua’s new in-game encounter mechanic in which Zorua appears as the Pokémon trainers’ buddy (even shiny), but when players click on it, they reveal themselves to be Zorua instead. The pokemon buddy of a trainer in Pokemon GO popping up all over the wild is a sight to behold, especially if that buddy Pokemon is Legendary, Shiny, or, sometimes, both.

As Pokemon GO players roam the real world in search of different Pokemon, they spot the rare buddy Pokemon they have traveling with them in its shiny form, and they’re thrilled to catch another one. Then they just turn around to see three more of that same shiny Pokemon appear, which is when they realize it’s just Zorua doing his antics again. Zorua is a Generation Five Pokémon, but was first made popular in the Isle of Armor DLC in Pokémon Sword and Shield.


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Many different Pokemon GO content creators are posting screenshots and clips of encounters with various Shiny and Legendary Pokemon in the wild in places they shouldn’t be and at a much higher frequency. One of the fun details about Zorua encounters is that while it takes the form of the trainer’s buddy Pokémon, it includes the best buddy badge the Pokémon wears to signify its buddy status. After gaining popularity in his Hisian form in Pokemon Legends: ArceusZorua held a place of esteem in the eyes of Pokemon fans and continues to be a source of entertainment and intrigue in Pokemon GO as well.

Pokemon GOThe initial launch of the Zorua encounter was shaky, and some players are still wary of Zorua and even other aspects of the Shuppet Spotlight event during Season of Light content in Pokemon GO at present. Some regions were unable to experience Zorua, and many people experienced issues and other bugs of this nature.

Once Niantic fixed the Zorua encounter in Pokemon GO, things got a little smoother, and now players are enjoying the encounter mechanic in each region immensely. The Halloween event appears to be in full swing, as players find the Tricky Fox Pokemon morphed into their buddy Pokemon and Legendary Pokemon shining all over the place.

Pokemon GO is already a great game for people to come together as a community to catch, trade, and talk about their favorite Pokémon, and the events and special encounters only increase the engagement and fun even more. Fans can expect to encounter Zorua in interesting ways during the event.

Pokemon GO is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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