Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ditto transforms into itself

A Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fan stumbles across a Ditto in the overworld that, instead of disguising itself as another Pokémon, transforms into itself.

A Pokemon scarlet and violet fan came across a Ditto in the overworld that transforms into itself instead of disguising itself as another Pokemon. Normally, a Ditto encounter in Pokemon scarlet and violet involves a player coming across another Pokemon in the wild that ends up being a Ditto instead, but, sometimes, it can go very differently.

Very popular all over the world, Pokemon scarlet and violet follow and develop the footsteps of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and allows players to explore an open world seamlessly, just like the characters in the Pokemon the anime would. Of course, that means players have a variety of ways to play the game, like this Pokemon scarlet and violet player who came to the incredibly overpowered Bug-type Gym after exploring much of the game’s outside world.


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Redditor sw_vo posted a video of their character encountering a Ditto in the overworld that chooses not to disguise itself as another Pokemon and take on the player’s Gallade by transforming into itself. Not only that, the Ditto is 48 levels lower than the Gallade, which really shows the courage and self-belief of the transformed Pokémon. Whether it is one of Pokemon scarlet and violetWhether or not it glitches remains to be deduced, but either way, it makes for a seriously funny clip.

Pokemon scarlet and violet is full of fun Pokemon interactions as the large and complex open world has many different landscapes and moving parts. There is so much going on in the world at any given time that there are certainly small examples here and there of unintended things going wrong. However, most of them are harmless bugs that don’t break the game in any way.

Fans really love the ninth generation of Pokemon games and, as usual, show it off in all the best ways by creating many different forms of fan art. This Pokemon scarlet and violet fan created a ceramic Diglett figurine to pay homage to the game, showing exactly how creative and imaginative Pokemon fans can be. There are sure to be more great creations on the internet as the game continues to inspire fans and gamers around the world. As the new year arrives and Pokemon scarlet and violet Two months into the game are approaching, more and more players are jumping into the Paldea region and watching their Pokemon journeys.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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