Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players recommend Persian to help him complete the Pokedex

A Pokemon fan recommends using a Persian to help complete the pokemon scarlet and Violet Pokédex. Fill in any data Pokemon The game’s Pokedex is not straightforward. It takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention luck. Any perk that makes it easier for a Pokemon trainer to capture Pokemon is welcome. When it comes to pokemon scarlet and PurplePersian is perhaps the perk players seek.

As Pokemon fans well know there is an art to catching Pokemon. It’s not just about having the right Poke Ball, although that obviously helps. Having Pokemon abilities that can weaken wild Pokemon with status effects like sleep or paralysis is key. Lowering a Pokemon’s HP without knocking them out is also a huge priority, made more difficult by upgrading Pokemon so that most of their abilities are knocked out in one hit.


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Persian is, according to Reddit user Rtrohde, the perfect answer to all these problems in pokemon scarlet and Purple. They begin their message by telling players that if their goal is to complete the pokemon scarlet and Purple Pokedex, “Get a Persian, outrun it and catch ’em all.” This is because Persian has what Rtrohde describes as “almost” all the optimal ideal Pokémon moves for catching and collecting Pokémon. These moves include False Swipe, Hypnosis, Thunder Wave, Taunt, and Rest.

However, it’s not just an optimal selection of Pokemon abilities that makes Persian a perfect choice. Rtrohde also mentions that the Persian’s strike, which is purely normal, ensures that his false strike has STAB (same type attack bonus) for 50% more damage. Additionally, using the Technician ability can grant False Swipe an additional 50% multiplier. The Persian also has high speed, which helps him apply status effects before being attacked, and the Persian’s normal hit makes him strong for everything but combat.

There’s a little more to creating a perfect Persian for catching Pokemon, of course. For example, Hypnosis is an egg move that can only be imparted to Persian through the use of Picnics and Mirror Grass. Simply upgrading a Persian to be useful in catching high level Pokemon is a business most may not want to invest in. But for dedicated Pokemon trainers, Persian is a great option.

For Pokemon fans hoping for a simpler solution in pokemon scarlet and Purple, throwing Quick Balls is quick and easy. If the fastball doesn’t work, just escape the fight and try again. And, except that, play normally with the Pokémon already captured. Sometimes playing normal is the best way to have fun. However, having a cute Persian certainly won’t hurt.

pokemon scarlet and Purple are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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