Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Raid Tip Could Give Players With High Level Pokemon An Advantage

Tera Raids are a great opportunity for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players to acquire great Pokemon, and one player has a great tip for everyone.

Tera raids were introduced in Pokemon scarlet and violet replacing Gen 8’s Dynamax Raids, introducing a refreshing take on Pokemon and the ability to build new and unique ways to build a team. As one player points out, there just so happens to be a trick that’s been overlooked, and Pokemon scarlet and violet players take advantage of it.

Pokemon Tera Raids operates on a system where four players can come together to take down a Pokemon and capture it, with the caveat that its Terastallization form has the potential to carry a type advantage unique to its current form. For example, a current event taking place in Pokemon scarlet and violet allows players to catch Eevee with a variety of different Tera types for a limited time.


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Reddit user penguins2946 found Pokemon in Tera Raid Battles to have a unique quality that clashes with the game’s mechanics when it comes to level scaling. In Pokemon scarlet and violet, players who catch Pokemon at a level that exceeds their current Gym Badge status will not obey them. In previous generations, this rule only applied to Pokémon obtained through trade, but this is not the case in the new generation. For those who have captured Pokemon that are well over their current badge level cap, they will unfortunately have to wait for a future badge to allow them to use all of their abilities without any protest.

The system does not prevent players from using the same Pokemon in Tera Raid battles, as penguins2946 suggests. Possibly a flaw in the game’s coding, Pokemon that regularly disobey their trainers’ instructions during battle aren’t inclined to do the same in Tera Battles. As such, countless Pokemon trainers across Pokemon scarlet and violetThe Paldea region has admitted to loaning high-level Pokémon to their friends in order to complete Tera Raid battles that would have otherwise presented trainers with difficulty far beyond their abilities. Given the feat, new players can jump into Tera Raids with high level acquired Pokemon and build their Pokedex without any hassle.

The Pokemon Company has a long history of popular mining in its source codes. Some Missingno stuff in pokemon blue and red to players taking advantage of Pokemon UniteCramorant’s invincibility has no shortage of flaws that have allowed the community to get the better of receiving all the perks. While a patch is expected to arrive in the near future, Pokemon trainers would be wise to take advantage of the situation and start building their Pokedex and team before a patch prevents them from acquiring super powerful Pokemon that inevitably break. the game and the story that comes with it.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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