PS Plus Premium adds a useful new feature for PS1 games

The PlayStation Plus Premium tier now offers a useful new feature for subscribers playing classic PS1 games on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

The PlayStation Plus The Premium catalog continues to grow every month, and subscribers can now take advantage of a new feature available in the service’s classic PS1 games. The new PS Plus Premium feature should come in handy in December when PlayStation announces a whole new lineup of classic games.

PS Plus Premium subscribers get access to classic PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 games with new additions every month. The PS1 catalog is one of the most regularly updated for PS Plus Premium, which includes titles such as Monkey Escape, Mr. Driller, Golf Hot Shotsand tekken 2. At first, PS Plus offered PAL versions of PS1 games at launch. These PAL titles would run at 50 Hz with lower performance than standard 60 Hz NTSC versions of PS1 games. Luckily, PS Plus now offers NTSC versions, and a handy new feature lets PS4 and PS5 players sort between PAL and NTSC games.


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Reddit user u/digidude23 has discovered that PS Plus has added a feature allowing players to sort between PAL and NTSC versions of PS1 games. PS Plus subscribers can select the “Change Region” option in the settings menu for classic PS1 games on PS4 and PS5. If the player changes the game region from PAL to NTSC, the game will reset and start with the new NTSC version selected. The player can change the region of the PS1 game to PAL, if they wish. The Change Region option is located under the “Controls” option, so it’s hard to miss once the game is paused.

Since PS Plus NTSC games offer 60Hz support, PS Plus members can enjoy the expected frame rate and resolution of a game on PS4 and PS5. The PAL versions ran approximately 20% slower than their NTSC counterparts, so it is recommended to check the game’s selected region if slowdown and frame drops are experienced when playing a classic title.

Although PS Plus Premium PS2 and PSP offers are missing at the moment, Sony continues to improve the service and add new features to enhance the user experience. Plus, a classic PSP game is coming to PS Plus, so Sony may be gearing up to add more PS2 and PSP games to its premium service soon. Players, however, have to wait for official confirmation from Sony.

Fortunately, subscribers won’t have to wait long for the December 2022 batch of free PS Plus games for PS4 and PS5. From December 6, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Biomutantand Divine Finisher will be available with PS Plus. Players have until December 5 to redeem free PS Plus games for November 2022.

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