QTCinderella signed with Misfits

Tic streamer and YouTuber QTCinderella has officially signed with esports and entertainment group Misfits. The news was shared just days after she announced she was leaving TSM, where she was signed as one of its content creators.

Established in 2016, Misfits Gaming Group, or Misfits for short, is an organization with professional esports gamers competing in Surveillance, Call of Duty, League of Legends, and Fortnite. It also has a roster of creators who publish a variety of content, such as Minecrafters Tubbo and Ranboo, and chess grandmaster and former TSM member Hikaru.


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On November 3, Misfits launched a $20 million Misfits Creator Fund to provide its creators, including future signers, with the resources and infrastructure needed to complete their projects. Along with this was the official announcement that QTCinderella had joined the company. Misfits also uploaded a video to Twitter, which was shot at a bakery, to officially welcome their newest member. QTCinderella also reacted to the video on her feed.

In a statement on the Misfits website, QTCinderella said the Misfits Creator Fund will help Twitch creators and streamers like her with tools and a team to run cool projects. The streamer said a few days ago that she wanted to be part of a team that would support her after TSM reportedly failed to back her projects and content ideas. But despite her experience with her previous organization, QTCinderella always wished people the best and that she would always cheer on the team at esports tournaments.

Fans and fellow streamers have congratulated QTCinderella on their new venture. Misfits Vice President of Communications Becca Henry said in a response that she was thrilled to see the streamer harnessing her creative energy to come up with fun events and activities. Considering that QTCinderella has already created successful streaming events such as Girl’s Trip and the 2022 Streamer Awards, fans can expect bigger and better releases with the help of the Misfits Creator Fund. She could also do more with her baking projects, just like when she opened her own cookie truck for a day.

Likewise, QTCinderella is a great asset to Misfits as she was named one of the top female streamers on Twitch. She currently has over 803,000 subscribers on Twitch with an average viewership reaching nearly 25,000. Her YouTube channel also has over 382,000 subscribers who watch her fun and hilarious vlogs and clips from the various Twitch events she has hosted. These numbers are expected to increase further in the future, hopefully with the help of Misfits.

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